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DBWDS Ep 81 Fog Combo ‘n’ Sealed

No guest this week but the show must go on! Congratz go out to my friend InfamousNeo for being the very first to qualify for the $100k tournament. I also found an interesting deck that my old friend John Tatta piloted to a constructed daily 4-0. We’ll finish things up with a Sealed pool and deck! When posting this week make sure to let me know what you want either a convocation pack or a draft pack and good luck on winning!

Jtatta’s Fog Combo Deck!/deck=35542

Champion – Winter Moon

1 Indigo Dreamwalker
1 Augur of Sirion
3 Archmage Wrenlocke

2 Zodiac Divination
3 Time Ripple
2 Scheme
4 Peek
4 Mastery of Time
4 Lullaby
2 Incantation of Ascendance
4 Chlorophyllia
1 Chimes of the Zodiac
4 Arcane Focus

6 Wild Shard
4 Shard of Instinct
15 Sapphire Shard

Sealed Deck from Pool shown on the show!/deck=35543

Champion – Bryson Maplewood

2 Woolvir Baa’sher
1 Veteran Raider
1 Sun Seer
2 Spiritbound Spy
2 Spirit Eagle
1 Ghost Feather
2 Flamehand Invoker
1 Deepgaze Champion
1 Deepgaze Acolyte
1 Deathmask Assailant
2 Crypt Shrieker – Minor Ruby of Flames
1 Brightmoon Brave
1 Ashwood Soloist
1 Ashwood Blademaster

1 Staggering Blast
1 Skewer
1 Rootforged Regalia
1 Ember Tears

8 Ruby Shard
9 Diamond Shard

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