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DBWDS Ep 80 Tickets Please!

ArmiesofMordor is back on the program to defend his title. Join us as Armies schools me on the reasons why a noob like me has 1 ticket and he has 25 toward the Hex $100,000 tournament at the Hex HQ. We’ll also be building a great Ruby/Wild Elves deck for tomorrow’s tournament. Don’t forget to post your IGN on the episode for your chance to win your choice between a Convocation pack or a draft pack!

Deck List

Champion – Cressida

3 Wild Root Dancer
2 Periwinkle
3 Merry Minstrels
4 Emberleaf Duelist
4 Ashwood Soloist
4 Ashwood Blademaster
4 Ageless Troubadour

3 Eye of Creation
4 Chlorophyllia
4 Burn to the Ground
3 Burn

9 Wild Shard
5 Ruby Shard
4 Shard of Savagery
4 Feralroot Acorn

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