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DBWDS Ep 79 Raven Hawk HooOOoooo!

This week on Deck Build’n w/ Da Squire I’m joined by a rather new streamer RavenHawk! Join us as we talk about some upcoming tournaments, the recent Rock Paper Shotgun article, and some of the deck lists that did well in the last VIP tournament. We’ll finish things up with a 5-ish shard deck designed for the upcoming FiveShards Wild Cup tournament!

Raven Hawk’s info:

twitch –

twitter – @RavenHawkz

Deck List:
Lixil 5 Shard

Champion – Sir Giles Rowan!/deck=33960&type=Champion

4 Prodigy of Volosolov
1 Paladin of the Necropolis
1 Mistlord
2 Midnight Shepherd
3 Lixil, the Deathless Gem
2 Forgotten Monarch – Diamond of Solidarity, Ruby of Flames
4 Eye of Lixil
4 Corrupt Harvester

2 Soul Marble
3 Shardcall
4 Heatwave
3 Crackling Bolt
4 Burn

4 Shard of Retribution
4 Shard of Conquest
3 Ruby Shard
5 Diamond Shard
3 Blood Shard

Deck List 2 – Shift!/deck=34122&pvp=true

Champion – Knightsbane Ovo

4 Spiritbound Spy
1 Mistlord
2 Flamehand Invoker
2 Duplicitous Duke
2 Deepgaze Disciple
4 Deepgaze Champion
4 Deepgaze Acolyte
4 Deathmask Assailant
2 Deadeye Ripper
4 Chimera Guard Fallen

4 Crackling Bolt
4 Burn

4 Shard of Conquest
4 Sepulchra Crypt Dust
7 Ruby Shard
8 Diamond Shard

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