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DBWDS Ep 104 Happy B-Day! w/ special guest LPFan

I’m so excited to get LPFan on the show for this birthday episode of Deck Build’n w/ da Squire.  LPFan is well known for his Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering prowess but recently he’s taken the dive into the world of Hex.  Stick around for the show and remember to post for your chance to win a free draft!

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Deck List!/deck=86492

Champion – Yotul Mogak

1 Darkspire Tyrant
4 Darkspire Punisher
4 Whirling Brutalizer
4 Darkspire Priestess
1 Gortezuma, High Cleric
3 Tezozo
4 Mazat Spearman

1 Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl
2 Staggering Blast
3 Burning Tendrils
2 Crackling Bolt
2 Ruby Aura
4 Burn

4 Quash Ridge Rubble
4 Shard of Hatred
8 Blood Shard
7 Ruby Shard

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