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DBWDS Ep. 103 Mokog Watch 2016!

Big news this week as it would seem that we’re getting ladder in Hex which will likely bring out more competitive players.  It’s tough to say exactly what all the details will be, but I’m very excited to see this implemented.  Mokog joins me to theorycraft a necrotic spirits deck centered around Force of the Tomb.  Stick around it’s going to be a great show and don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win a draft!

Mokog joins Errantsquire this week to theorycraft a Necrotic Spirit deck and discuss the latest Hex news

Deck List!/deck=83189

Champion – Madame Anana

2 High Infinitrix
4 Grim Harvester
3 Hopeheart Unicorn
3 Deathless Guardian
2 Frost Wizard
4 Spiritbound Spy

4 Force of the Tomb
2 Iljun’s Parade – Major Diamond of Solidarity
4 Rally of Kings
1 Solitary Exile
1 Soul Marble
2 Martyr
3 Totem Trap

2 Sepulchra Crypt Dust
4 Shard of Retribution
1 Shard Prism
4 Blood Shard
12 Diamond Shard

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