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DBWDS Ep. 101 Arabian Fights!

ArmiesofMordor is back to help me hash out a new deck idea.  Join us as we talk about the upcoming FiveShards tournament, talk about Hex news, and build a deck focused on playing constants.  Stick around, it’s going to be a great show!

Deck List!/deck=75861

Champion –

Uzzu the Bonewalker

4 Eternal Sage
2 Lixil, the Deathless Gem
4 Artisanal Cheesesmythe
4 Radiant Physician
4 Lyrical Chanter
4 Howling Brave

1 Zakiir’s Frenzy
2 Verdant Chant
4 Solitary Exile
2 Hallowed Radiance
2 Soul Marble
4 Chlorophyllia

1 Shard of Conquest
4 Shard of Life
1 Shard of Savagery
1 Shard Prism
1 Blood Shard
5 Diamond Shard
1 Ruby Shard
1 Sapphire Shard
8 Wild Shard

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