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Cup of Fate Deck List Data Breakdown

With 64 of the top players in Hex competing in the Cup of Fate sponsored by Colin, this is considered by many as the defining tournament that solidifies Set 1 & 2 meta. Let’s take a look at the stats:


Sapphire is the most popular shard by a long shot being included in 73% of the decks, with mono-Sapphire being the top variant. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Wild only made it into 9 decks.

Top Deck Type:Deck Count:
2Diamond, Sapphire11
3Ruby, Sapphire11
4Sapphire, Wild5
5Blood, Diamond4
6Blood, Sapphire4
8Blood, Ruby3
9Ruby, Wild3
12Blood, Wild1

The standout card of the current meta is the rare card Reese the Crustcrawler being included in 40 of the 64 decks—followed closely by cards that keeps Reese on the board: Countermagic and Verdict of the Ancient Kings in 2nd and 4th place respectively. The first non-Sapphire card does not appear until 9th place with the non-basic resource Crackling Vortex.


Further down on the list, the top rares and staple cards of set 1 Diamond and Blood start to show up at 14th place and lower. No surprise to see Soul Marble, Angel of Dawn, Extinction, and Living Totem make the top 20.

Top Cards:Deck Count:
1Reese the Crustcrawler40
4Verdict of the Ancient Kings33
5Cerulean Mirror Knight27
6Eldritch Dreamer24
7Mastery of Time24
8Storm Cloud23
9Crackling Vortex21
10Time Ripple21
11Crackling Bolt18
12Menacing Gralk18
14Soul Marble16
15Angel of Dawn15
18Living Totem12
20Solitary Exile12
21Vampire King12


Bertram Cragraven’s champion power to create a worker bot synergizes with Reese making it an obvious champion choice—and it shows as it tops the list. It can be argued that it is the most powerful champion power and card interaction so far.

Top Champions:Deck Count:
1Bertram Cragraven27
2Wyatt the Sapper10
4Poca, The Conflagrater8
5Bunoshi the Ruthless2
6Lionel Flynn2
7Running Deer2
8Zared Venomscorn2
10Rutherford Banks1
11Warmaster Fuzzuko1


Sapphire’s dominance shouldn’t surprise anyone given its prominence in recent tournaments, but the magnitude is quite something else. The Season 2 Blood Cup should be interesting, given Sapphire is sure to dominate the play field once again; will anti-Sapphire decks manage to creep up the ranks, or is Sapphire just that strong right now? Only time will tell.

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