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Competitive Constructed: March & April 2015

Competitive Tournaments

The biggest community news this month was the announcement that Hextechs has decided to close down, and end their Hextechs Open Series. MythicFishmom, a member of Hextechs and Twitch streamer, posted the news on the official Hex forums where he explained the decision and paid out prizes to the top players in the tournament series. This currently leaves FiveShards’ Shard Cup Series as the only active community standard constructed  tournament at the moment.

The Wild Cup Unified Team Constructed sponsored by the Dragonborn guild was held on April 11th, with 31 teams taking part in this unique event. This was also the first time FiveShards used Battlefy for tournament pairings. The results were good and we will be continuing to use the service. The next event, The Cup of Fate sponsored by Colin on May 9th, is an invitational tournament of the top 64 participates from the series.

Competitive PVE

With the release of the Frost Ring Arena, the very first hefty piece of PvE content, there has been a surge of new players. According to  /u/CowboyNuggets on, a French gaming site reported that since the release of Frost Ring Arena the player base has quadrupled to 200,000 players.

Alucard, a Twitch streamer, is hosting weekly Arena races on his channel, providing an outlet for PvE to be a competitive event. Participants build a deck according to a race-specific challenge, and attempt to speed run Frost Ring Arena against other participants. The winner of each race earns themselves a free draft.

Entry Level Constructed Play

In the month of May, two events should be of high interest to newer players and those that may shy away from standard construction tournaments due to a lack of cards.

The deck rules for the tournaments disallow rare and legendary cards, leveling the playing field for newer players. Clan Blackblade has adopted many of the features of the Rock League including the “bonus prize” scheme, where players have a chance to win extra prizes for completing challenges such as playing all twelve ranked games per month. Both events will last 4 weeks starting on May 5th.

Cryptozoic/Gameforge News

On the official tournament side of news, the March VIP 4-0 deck lists were published.

No new details have emerged on the $100,000 official tournament.

Details of the three new keywords coming in Set 3, Armies of Myth, were spoiled in the May 1st Friday Update. With Set 3 being released some time this summer, the official tournament finals and the qualifying matches are likely to include the new set.

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