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Budget Beatdown: Clerical Error

Funktion gives a bite-sized overview of a PvE cleric deck for under $10.At this point I imagine most folks have run through the gauntlet of the Frost Ring Arena a fair number of times; I know I have. Despite being regularly crushed by Xarlox, it has been a lot of fun brewing up decks to see how far they can make it. Over the weekend I wound up building a number of decks that were centered around a variety of specific themes. Most of them were on the pricier end of the spectrum, but luckily there was one that ended up doing fairly well and seemed like it would meet the criteria for this series.

Here, the way you want to face off against the endless hordes of the Frost Ring is to wield divine power and bolster your ranks with your holy word. Playing a whole bunch of dudes and them making them enormous so that you overwhelm your foes—that is what this deck is all about.


Clerical Error    (Price: $9.93)

Champion: Lady Elizabeth

Troops (32)

2x Alwyn
4x Kraken Guard Seapriest
4x Legionnaire of Adamanth
1x Legionnaire of Gawaine
1x Princess Victoria
4x Protectorate Clergyman
3x Righteous Paladin
4x Royal Diplomat (Unblockable & Lifedrain gems)
4x Ruby Pyromancer
2x Sniper of Gawaine
1x Spearcliff Cavalier
2x Veteran Gladiator

Actions  (4)

4x Repel

 Constants (1)

1x Blessing the Fallen

Resources (24)

12x Diamond Shard
8x Ruby Shard
4x Shard of Conquest


Helm of Revelation (for Legionnaire of Adamanth)
Pegasus Feather (Spearcliff Cavalier)

Ultimately, this deck cares about two things: Troops with inspire & troops that are clerics. Luckily, there is quite a bit of overlap there which creates a Venn diagram of awesome. In case you didn’t notice there are a grand total of 23 clerics, which brings us to the most important part of the deck. In order for this deck to really work, it is critically important that you equip the Helm of Revelation. This equipment gives Legionnaire of Adamanth:

“When a Cleric you control is inspired, Clerics you control get +1/+1”

This effect triggers for each time that cleric is inspired. If you play a Royal Diplomat and he gets hit with three inspire effects then all of your clerics (including that Diplomat) also get another +3/+3. This adds up FAST. While we are talking about equipment, I recommend that you NOT use Armor of the Diamond Citadel. You want Alwyn to be able to buff as many troops as he can and by somewhat unnecessarily reducing the cost of your only other 4-cost troop you are limiting your options.

While budgeting the decklist I had to make a few concessions and also opted to take a somewhat toolbox approach with the rares rather than go all in on a specific one. Legionnaire of Gawaine can be quite the beating by paving the way for your entire squad to swing in for victory. Spearcliff Cavalier can provide a very similar game-ending effect but at a much higher resource cost. Due to budget restrictions the Sniper is filling backup duty with the potential to one-shot your opponent in tandem with an Alwyn.

I found that due to its somewhat slower speed the deck had a lot of trouble with both War Bot & Xarlox in the arena; though, at least with War Bot, it won’t matter too much if you wind up dropping the round.

Finally, expanding on the deck is pretty simple here as you’re going to mainly just want to consider increasing the count of your rares. However, as future sets are released keep an eye out for more clerics or troops with inspire. It is already entirely possible to build this deck as mono-diamond and as more cards (and equipment) are made available new splash shards might become quite strong.

Funktion became active in the Hex community very early on as one of the first people producing Youtube content. Funktion made top 8 of the July HexTCG Pro Series, and can be caught in draft queues at all hours of the night. You can find him on Twitter Twitch & Youtube

3 Comments on Budget Beatdown: Clerical Error

  1. so if we disregard budget considerations how would you recommend building the deck?

    • Generally, there isn’t a whole lot available right now that this deck would want so the changes wouldn’t be too dramatic.

      I’d probably remove the snipers and perhaps the veteran gladiators. Bringing in more copies of Legionnaire of Gawaine along with perhaps some of the other rares in the deck. Additionally you could consider adding Her Majesty, Queen Grace and even perhaps just going entirely mono-diamond.

      If you are thinking about putting some more money into the deck, I would mainly suggest that you play with it like it is as above first. Once you’ve gotten a few games in then you might be able to feel out what is missing for your own personal playstyle.

  2. Hey I think it would be helpful, to include in these articles a link to a deck so that we can copy it over into our own account and tweak and see if we have the cards necessary to build it at a glance(if we’ve entered collection info).


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