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Blood Cup Fantasy Competition

We are in a new set and the meta is seemingly wide open. Strong players need to both be able to guess the meta and properly prepare for it. For the Blood Cup’s fantasy competition, we are going to try something a little different: instead of picking a team of players, you will be picking a team of cards!

  1. The Competition: The goal of the fantasy competition is to pick the cards you will do the most well in terms of popularity. Each entrant will pick a Set 2 common, uncommon, rare, and legendary that they expect will both be prominent and also do well in the tournament.
  2. Pick Restrictions: You are not allowed to pick any of the uncommon dual-shard cards.
  3. Scoring: Every time your card appears in a deck list (reserves included) you get a point. You get one additional point for each copy of the card in the top 8 and one final point for each copy of the card in the winner’s decklist.
  4. Entry Fee: Since this is an experiment and not something we have raised funds for, I am going to attach a suggested donation for each entry. Players can enter for free, but to make this worth fighting for, I recommend each entry include 2 Shattered Destiny packs. People can donate more/less, that is up to each entrant.
  5. How to Enter: Each player will send an in-game mail to the account fiveshards that contains the following:
    1. The subject should read “Fantasy”
    2. The body must include your picks
    3. Your donation (if any)
    4. I must receive your entry by 8am PST on December 20th.
    5. The only person prohibited from entering the fantasy competition is Zubrin as I do want to allow the tournament casters a chance to root for particular decks/cards.
  6. Prizes: These will be determined by the entries.  At the very least, pride will be at stake. All prizes donated specifically to the fantasy contest will be given to the participants. I will determine the number of prize-earning places based both on entries and prizes we receive.

Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

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  1. Set 2 restriction… you evil man…

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