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Blood Cup Delayed Until December 20th

Today, Hex Entertainment announced that Set 2: Shattered Destiny will be pushed back a week and released on December 8th. As a result of this, the official Shattered Destiny limited release weekend will instead take place on the same weekend we had originally planned on holding the Blood Cup.

We recognize that this is less than ideal; we would like to avoid running our tournament the same weekend as the Shattered Destiny release queues, as this would force people to choose between one or the other. In addition, scheduling our tournament for the week after these queues was no mistake, as they would be a great way for people to begin building their set 2 collection and get started on their competitive decks.

And so, we are officially moving the Blood Cup to December 20th (with finals on December 21st) to keep in line with our original intentions. We realize that some people will be unavailable to play the weekend before Christmas, but nonetheless believe this to be the best option given the circumstances. The sign-up page for the tournament remains the same; if you have entered already, you do not need to enter again. If you wish to drop in light of this news, please do so on challonge.

Future Shard Cup tournaments are still planned for the second week of every month. To read more about the Shard Cup, visit the official page here.

Nikolas Podrasky (Pentachills) can often be found streaming limited and constructed play on Twitch. Not afraid to experiment with less popular cards, his stream offers both an educational and entertaining entry into Hex. Find him on twitter as @Pentachills, or on Twitch at

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