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Battle Royal(e): The Show Must Go On

Lights! Camera! Action! Fetch me some grapes while you’re at it!


“Step into the glade, playwright, and bring forth the manuscript. Let me observe it in all its glory.

It is suitable. Here in exchange as promised, battle plans to defeat even the most stalwart foe.”

Using the symphonic ability of the Elves, you can call forth and tame even the most primal of beasts to beat upon your enemy.

Now, I need you to do something for me. Hold this bowl of grapes. Good. *Takes one* Now let me place this fruit bowl on your head. Now spin around three times. You must be as speedy as a whirlwind, as subservient as a doormouse. Pour me some wine while standing on one leg. Why am I asking you to do this? I thought it would be funny to see how far you would go is why. Now, onto the battle plans:

ACT I: The Beast of Glimmerglade

Champion: Cressida (although Benvolio can also work well)

Troops (31)

3x Eternal Sage

3x Wild Root Dancer

4x Mentor of Oakhenge

2x Constantina

2x Jags the Blademaster

3x Ageless Troubadour

3x Ashwood Smiter

4x Arborean Rootfather (Speed, Direct Damage)

2x Cerberus

3x Wildwood Beastcaller

2x Merry Minstrels

Actions (5)

3x Eye of Creation

2x Oakhenge Ceremony

Resources (24)

8x Wild Shard

8x Ruby Shard

4x Feralroot Acorn

4x Shard of Savagery


Howling Headband (Wildwood Beastcaller)

Cavorting Chestguard (Wild Root Dancer)

Feralroot Slippers (Wild Root Dancer)

Cerberus Collar (Cerberus)

Smiter’s Bracers (Ashwood Smiter)

Autumn Leaf (Constantina)


“You must be like the Autumn Leaf, drifting upon the howling winds with not a care in the world.

Not getting that metaphor? Hmm, You must be like the Dingler, absent-minded and ignorant of all.”

No? Well, to put it simply, you mostly should be ignoring what your foe is doing to set up your board for the high costs.

Smiter’s Bracer is very useful in a mostly elven hand, Wild Root Dancer with two equipments should be one of your first picks and getting cards out with bonus effects in play most of the time (Beastcaller and Sage for example).
Both Oakhenge troops, as well as Rootfather and the resource/shard generating cards should help with consistency, but if it drags out that just makes cards like Sage and Beastcaller stronger as well as allowing you to build up resources for Eye of Creation. Mostly you want to keep hitting your opponent but it can sometimes be useful to hold back and let those kind of cards stack up in benefit.

Remember that Cerberus as a beast will trigger Howling Headband’s effect but does not need to battle a troop.

“By the way, this play you handed me would be a lot better with some more action. Here’s a more action focused version of those battle plans I gave you, may they serve you well.”

ACT II: Man versus Beast

Champion: Winter Moon

Troops (22)

4x Angel of Foresight

3x Wild Root Dancer

3x Salt Harpy

3x Arborean Rootfather (Spellshield, Flight)

3x Thunderfield Seer

3x Cerulean Sky Mage

3x Windbourne Disciple

Actions (14)

4x Oakhenge Ceremony

4x Crash of Beasts

3x Arcane Focus

3x Replicator’s Trance


Resources (24)

7x Wild Shard

7x Sapphire Shard

2x Starsphere

4x Shard of Instinct

4x Howling Plains Bluegrass


Mask of the Windbourne (Windbourne Disciple)

Skyward Robes (Cerulean Sky Mage)

Feralroot Slippers (Wild Root Dancer)

Wisdom’s Band (Angel of Foresight)

Stormstrike Gautlets (Cerulean Sky Mage)

Mim’s Staff (Angel of Foresight)

(Remember rare shards are not required, but do make the deck a considerably more consistent)

At first glance the action count may seem low. However, when you consider the added cards with which to pull an Angel, and the ability to draw from your deck when you hit with it, as well as Cerulean Sky Mage’s insane ability to create actions, it becomes apparent why there are fewer. The prophesised actions become cantrips, and with the level of card draw and card generation your runs should run smoothly. My favorite feature in this deck comes from the Windbourne Disciple’s ability to give flight to nearly any troop consistently makes the card shine, especially considering the number of Rhinos the deck is capable of producing.

You want to focus getting Angels of Foresight out and about to deal a massive amount of damage and give you the actions you need from your deck. However, enough crush or flight damage and you’ll win anyway, not to mention the sapphire actions you could get to beat the opponent with.

“Oh… the play is about to start, let’s watch the opening scene.”

*Picks up a sapphire gem shard that glows, cracks appearing on the surface*

*King Gabriel enters the stage*

King Gabriel: What am I doing here? I was just having a cup of tea with my nobles and now…

“Ah, it seems this scene could use some more animal antics. One moment.”

King Gabriel: What are you talking about? Scene? Is this some sort of weird dream or… IS THAT A BEAR?

*King Gabriel exits stage left, pursued by a bear*

“Hm, I think I like that a lot more than the musical number I had planned at the end. Maybe it would work better underwater though. Add a few bits of coral, fish, some sharks. Yes, that should do the job.”


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