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Battle Royal(e): Ruby Gem Induced Madness

Deep in Orc territory, a wandering king approaches you with a bemused look on his face.

You know, I’ve had three assassination attempts on me since I’ve been here—that’s half of what it was last time! Disappointing, really. It must be the rather gruesome looking bodyguards they’ve assigned me with. Erm, no offense… guys? Girls? It’s really hard to tell…

Anyhow, I’ve come to you as you’ve been assigned a quest. The Orcs, mostly as a result of the grievous bodily harm they’ve been doing to each-other, have been experiencing a budget shortfall. As such, I need you to implement a cut-rate group of rag-tag ruffians and maybe throw in a cute mascot or something. The type of underdog team that scores the last home-run in the final hour, whatever that means.

Find the best. The bravest. The strongest! And then ignore those and pick everyone else. I’m aware you Orcs love scars, but I personally recommend choosing those with the least scars, as they tend to be much better at dodging stray fireballs.

The Darkspire? I’m afraid I have no clue what you’re talking about and even if I did, they’re far too expensive to waste on the likes of yo… I said nothing!

Now take this battle plan and tell no-one of our meeting.

*The strange King throws a smoke bomb and starts coughing. He is apparently gone, but you do notice a strange 20 or so Orcs and a Human hiding behind a nearby column very badly.*

Vorpal Blades

Champion: Urgnock

Troops (27)

4x Baby Yeti
4x Deadeye Ripper
4x Savage Raider
4x Fierce Warlord
4x Ridge Raider
4x Quash Ridge Tusker
3x Psychotic Anarchist

Actions  (13)

4x Ragefire
4x Burn
3x Crackling Bolt
2x Crushing Blow

Resources (20)

18x Ruby Shard
2x Crackling Vortex

Reserves (15) (PvP only)

3x Emberspire Witch
3x Heat Wave
3x Drowned Shrine of Ulthar
2x Soul of Battle
2x Crushing Blow
1x Psychotic Anarchist
1x Crackling Bolt

Low on budget?

In order of priority: Swap Crackling Vortex for regular Ruby shards. Swap Ragefire for Burn to the Ground.

Fun fact:

This deck can use 24 AAs and is using a card many used to consider one of the worst cards in Set 1.


Always play your Deadeye Rippers instead of Baby Yeti unless you think removal is inevitable. Although Ripper is directly better than Yeti, more speed troops enable you to kill your opponent before they can counter what you have out. If you get Tusker out turn 1, usually play a speed troop and possibly another troop turn 2, so you can start swinging with Tusker buff as soon as possible.

Pretty much always target Tusker first with your charge power. Otherwise, mostly target the lowest ATK troop or if your opponent has 3-DEF troops and Savage Raiders have no other buffs target them so if they die they at least trade 1-for-1.

Drag your highest-ATK Tusker to the left side of the playing field. Target your lowest-ATK Tusker with your highest-ATK Tusker, then you’ll usually target the lowest-ATK troop without troop trauma or a troop that is unlikely to die. Before it all resolves, you can target your highest-ATK Tusker with Crushing Blow to grant a cascade of attack buffs.

Stalling using Burn and other Damage-based spells can be a great way to build up Ragefire and late-game this may be your main win condition if you haven’t managed to kill your opponent earlier. It is very possible to get turn-3 wins with the right hand.

Usually, you want to delay using Fierce Warlord until you have all your 1-cost troops out, but if you can finish your opponent off or really need the stats, don’t force yourself to hold on to it.

Crackling Bolt gives you a charge so usually use it when you are on 1 charge and can’t get another that turn if you’re weighing up using it instead of Burn. Early charge powers on Tusker can seriously mess up your opponent. However, if you have two or more Ragefires in hand it can be very beneficial to start using those to build towards fiery annihilation.



Helm: Infiltrator’s Hood (Ridge Raider)
Chest: None
Feet: Combat Trail Blazers (Psychotic Anarchist)
Trinket: None
Gloves: Conflagration Gauntlets (Burn)
Weapon: None

Xarlox/War Bot/Heavy removal strategy: Prioritize Anarchist and try to deal enough damage that you can soon just kill your opponent through damage-based actions.

I regularly can go 15-0/20-0 in Frost Arena with this deck, and very quickly.  It does however take some getting used to.


Against other Aggro decks or decks with heavy lifedrain (e.g. Vampire King, Vampire Princess) swap in 3 or less Emberspire Witches and drop Savage Raider. Drop Ridge Raider if you need more room. Consider swapping Heat Wave in if they have a lot of 2-DEF-or-less threats, using it before playing your own troops (using Damage-based actions in the meantime.)

Against heavy draw/control decks, swap in Shrine.

If you think your opponent’s board is mostly open, swap in the extra Anarchist and Bolt.

If your opponent has big, high-defense troops swap in Soul of Battle and Crushing Blow to break through them and power up Tusker.

Orc-ward disclaimer: this deck must have been good, as Urgnock is now 3 health less—surely as a result of its top 8 IQ performance 😉

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  1. Is “1/1 haste” really a playable HEX card?

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