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Battle Royal(e): Regicide on a Budget

Somewhere near the ruins of Fort Romor, a shadowy figure glimmers in the mists. Lord Alexander withdraws his sword from a nearby underworld minion and steps forwards.

You know, for someone who’s supposed to be the expert in being quick, I really shouldn’t have stopped for those four tea party breaks before getting here. Ah well, just need to even the score. You there! Can you hold a sword and charge our foes? Excellent. I need you to get over to the Usurper dungeon and quickly dispatch a necrotic king. What? There’s plenty of reasons you should do it instead of me. I might… chip a nail or get this luxurious hair of mine slightly messy. A drab looking solider like you doesn’t have to worry about appearances, as can be noted from your attire! You defeated the Army of Myth you say? Well, I don’t see what defeating an imaginary army does for your accomplishments… maybe in Cerulea they’d accept that kind of nonsense qualification, but I most certainly do not.

Procure an elven warrior, experienced enough to be… well let’s say we had some imaginary scale of measuring experience, silly though that notion is. I would say you would need a person experienced on the level of… 8? 8 seems good. 9 would be better but we’re low on expert troops, mostly due to sending them on irresponsible missions which they have no chance of winning. Er, not in your case, mind. Time is short! I will now relay to you the battle plan:

Art of War

Race/Class: Elf/Warrior

Troops (31)

3x Howling Brave
2x Skittering Skarn
2x Feralroot Jaguar
2x Nerissa
2x Nelebrin Skirmisher (+1/+1 Gem)
2x Constantina
3x Arena Regular
2x Scraptech Brawler
2x Mentor of Oakhenge
3x Cottontail Ronin
2x Warrior of Andronicus
3x Quash Ridge Tusker
3x Highlands Blackbelt

Actions  (5)

2x Oakhenge Ceremony
3x Crackling Bolt

Resources (24)

8x Ruby Shard
8x Wild Shard
4x Shard of Savagery
4x Feralroot Acorn


Helm: Gladiator Helm
Chest: Ceremonial Guard
Feet: Forest Stalkers
Weapon: Wodden Bident


Fury (Free talent)
Affinity: Warriors
Warlord: Agility
Training: Combat
Training: Deployment

The Deck:

Always bear in mind your talents. Warriors give charges; using charge power on the opposing champion gives [2/0] ramp and BOTH champions take 1 more damage from every combat source.

You’ve sacrificed your 6-health racial talent and 1 more health for 2 starting charges, so best case scenario you can turn 1 Howling Brave to trigger the ramp charge power.

Arena Regular stacks massively with Affinity: Warrior, especially as your equipment triggers extra damage on champion power use (and yes, this stacks with several out, making arena regular one of your first plays always).

Scraptech can be played as a free card if you have 3 resources, temporary or not and then other troops played. Prioritize warriors, but remember that things like Tusker can really stack up in the right circumstances. See my previous article if you’re unsure on how to use Tuskers in the correct order.

Budget options: Swap Tusker for Ashwood Soloist, Swap Feralroot Acorn for basic shards.

The Dungeon:

First opponent: Gardrag

  • Make sure never to get hit by the daze. Always block or remove troops before that happens, as it severely damages your aggression. If your opponent plays a swiftstrike troop above your defense, you can use your charge power versus it but again this slows you down.

Second opponent: Grim Skull Sorcerers

  • Unless your opponent gets really lucky, this encounter should be a cakewalk. If too many minor gems DO stock up, remember you can battle (charge power) to remove troops instead.

Third opponent: ???

  • There’s a chance that either one you miss will pop up later as a troop, but as Mistsim is very easy to beat or ignore in the next fight, I’d reccomend clearing Ghuuhg and ignoring Mistsim fully. (go to the blood-stained area with crates not the red altar) This can be a tricky fight, but your opponent tends not to attack if you have high stats troop out and seeing as you have a significant health advantage it’s usually better to just rush. At 3 charges the opponent will create a vermin that makes you take double damage for 2 turns if it hits you. Most of the times with these encounters if you have decent draws you can win by turn 3.

Fourth opponent: Finanif (purple glowing orb)

  • Do not let Midnight Shepherd survive if he gets it out with full threshold. If it is out and something of yours dies, charge power the Shepherd to death ASAP. Mistsim arrives turn 3 or so. Unless you allow too many shifts onto Deepgaze Acolyte or let him get 5 charges and also kill two of your troops, you shouldn’t have any trouble. Remember always that Berzerking is in effect when calculating whether it’s worth attacking with everything to win the game.

Boss Fight:

  • This boss tends to take a while to get anything out—you shouldn’t have any issues with this. Just expect a lot of shift troops and Bonewalkers which you should try and battle (charge power) when they’re at 3 or less defense. Remember, you can take a lot of hits before you go down and seeing as you’re going for a speed clear, having opposing troops exhausted can be very strong.

Finished! Now, grab your packs (And Ardor Day card/equip depending on when you’re reading this) and feel free to repeat as much as you want.


Lord Alexander is seen outside the Bleak Citadel, with a small crowd forming.

Oh, Hello! I was just telling all these commoners about my glorious victory in the Bleak Citadel. What do you mean, I wasn’t even there? You want a reward? Very funny, but as we all know, lords are the ones who deal with this kind of high profile questing. Wait, why are you raising your fist at me? No, you’ll mess up my hair!

Lord Alexander falls to the ground, fully defeated after one punch. The crowd starts cheering and then quickly exits the area before Lord Alexander wakes up.

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  1. Good work, seems really nice for a budget deck. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, always appreciated!

  2. What level do you have to be to have 3 rare cards in your deck?

  3. Hey! Once you’ve made your race look at the shard matrix and click the magnifying glass to see what you get at whichever level. I’m updating my new player guide on the forums today so check there if you’re still confused later 🙂

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