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Battle Royal(e): King of the Arena

Hail, Hexers! Nice to see you all again. So, let’s get down to brass tax: specifically, tax on brass in the south-west of Adamanthia. I’ve been advised by my nobles to increase this and it will be part of a seven-phase… whoops. Wrong agenda; far above your clearance level.

What I’m actually going to talk to you about here is budget decks. I see a lot of new adventurers around the place and it can be hard to find the stepping stone that leads you to the dragon’s lair, so to speak. At the time of writing, all the equipment listed for these decks is attainable from grinding the Frost Ring and is at—or near—the platinum price-floor (literally couldn’t be listed lower, except in gold) but together the pieces make a powerful combination despite their modest prices.

Also essential to choosing these cards was that the decks had to be fun to play; you aren’t going to want to grind the arena if it’s a grindstone to the head instead of the chilling, thrilling experience it should be. I’m providing three decks to pick from to give fuel for a range of play-styles and to ensure prices of these cards stay fairly low by spreading out demand. Yes, he truly believes his writings drive auction house demand.—Ed.

I’ve wasted too much of time you could be spending grinding Arena; so, your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to read this document and uncover the secrets within.


Codename: Thunderstriker

Champion: Polonius

Troops (21)

3x S.P.A.M. Bot
3x Charge Hulk
4x Thunderbird
2x Honeycap
2x Cottontail Ronin
3x Buccaneer
3x Inductocopter Bot

Actions (15)

3x Parallel Evolution
4x Polymorph: Dingler
4x Crackling Sprout
4x Crackling Wit

Resources (24)

10x Wild Shard
10x Sapphire Shard
4x Shard of Instinct

Equipment:The Dingler’s Hood (Polymorph: Dingler)
Thunderstrike Chestguard (Thunderbird)
Morphing Footwraps (Polymorph: Dingler)
Benjamin’s Orb (Crackling Wit)
Dandelion Arm Guards (Crackling Sprout)
Unstable Induction Rapier (Inductocopter Bot)

Note: you must search the AH with the .’s to get S.P.A.M. Bot to show up.

Other considerations:

Charge Bot (On play effect/charge boost, but shrimpy)
Countermagic (Decent removal)
To the Skies (Arena opponents on the whole seem weak against flight)


The Basic idea behind this deck is getting Polonius up to eight charges while buffing/using on-play effects to transform cards using Parallel Evolution while retaining the buffed stats.
Fun interaction: Polonius’ Mammoth Squirrel Titan currently only has one possible 9-cost troops to “evolve” into, and that’s the considerably threatening Wrathwood Colossus.

There are a lot of rage and flight troops in this deck which, in combination with Crackling Sprout, allow you to deal a lot of damage if the opponent ignores them.

Fuzzoku is a decent option if you are not a fan of Parallel Evolution’s random effects on your cards. In that case, you could drop Evolution for Bellow of Briggadon.


The Red Fox is approaching the north corridor. (Translation: Here is another new budget deck; please don’t overfeed the squirrels)

Codename: Red Fox

Champion: Sir Giles Rowan

Troops (36)

4x Heroic Outlaw (Major Sapphire of Mind, Minor Sapphire of Sky)
3x Ruby Pyromancer
3x Elite Pyromancer
3x Lord Benjamin, the Wise
3x Town Crier
3x Phoenix Guard Trainer
4x Sly Huntress
3x Mentor of the Song
3x Phoenix Guard Messenger
1x Ruby Enchantress
3x Mentor of the Flames

Actions (3)

3x Crackling Bolt

Resources (24)

11x Ruby Shard
11x Sapphire Shard
2x Shard of Innovation

Equipment:Patch of the Rover (Heroic Outlaw)
Scorched Breastplate (Mentor of the Flames)
Crier’s Handbell (Town Crier)
Foreststalker Gloves (Sly Huntress)
Rainshaker Staff (Mentor of the Song)

Other considerations:

Highlands Magus (Random, but can also get PvE inspires)
Countermagic (Decent removal)
To the Skies (Arena opponents on the whole seem weak against flight)


Stack inspires, prioritize flight and card advantage, keep buffing with Giles and smash your way to victory. Simple.


Then the third deck, which should have a lot of expansion potential in Set 3 as it is said to have a greater focus on Vennen:

Codename: Black Widow

Champion: Bunoshi the Ruthless

Troops (30)

3x Cerulean Grand Strategist
2x Ushul
4x Brood Creeper
3x Rot Caster
4x Shamed Gladiator (Minor Blood Orb of Hatred)
2x Shroomshaw
3x Buccaneer
2x Phoenix Guard Trainer
3x Giant Mosquito
3x Xartaxis, Bishop of the Azure Fang
3x Mentor of the Song

Actions (6)4x Crackling Rot
2x To the Skies!

Resources (24)

10x Blood Shard
10x Sapphire Shard
4x Shard of Cunning

Equipment:Bloodsucker Helm (Giant Mosquito)
Shoes of Disgrace (Shamed Gladiator)
The Spider’s Lure (Brood Creeper)
Rotting Gloves (Crackling Rot)
Rainshaker Staff (Mentor of the Song)

Other considerations:

Replace Shroomshaw for Murder for more removal if you need it.
Swap in more To the Skies! if you want more flight options.


Cerulean Grand Strategist quickly turns your Spiderspawns into a veritable forest of exhaust, like a mini version of The Kraken. I recommend thinking like a Vennen: focus on generating spiders to swarm your opponents. If you have to sacrifice some in the meantime, so what? More resources to further the swarm’s needs!


Well, that closes it for my budget deck article. I hope you have fun in using them if you so choose—and look forward to my next PvE article, where I will NOT be discussing taxes and Adamanthian laws, thankfully. See you then, Hexers!

P.S. This article will self destruct in 10 seconds.

Hextcg addict, Fiveshards PvE-orientated writer, know-it-all. Follow me on twitter for terrible jokes and Hex news/info:

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  1. 6x Town Crier in Red Fox Deck ?

  2. I bet KingGabriel has a whole team of psychologists very interested in his disassociated identity disorder.

  3. Thanks for the decks, made 2 of them. Just started playing again, they drew me back in with the free pack and pve finally. haven’t made it past the second tier yet with them but that is mostly my fault 😀

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