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Battle Royal(e): For the Emperor!

In a small training dojo, secluded in a far away mountain, a shin’hare sensei starts speaking to his latest recuit.


Oh, another pesky runt of the litter comes to show his worth? I’m not sure I have time to show you the ropes. Tell you what, go fetch me a pail of water from the well and then we’ll talk.

*Some time later*

Alright, we’ll start with the history of this dojo. Long ago, when Symeon, the Primal of Renewal graced us with the Feast of Abundance, I and some other plucky recruits crushed the Ardent alliance against insurmountable odds. A hop, jump, and  a stab in the right place was all it took. Before you get to know the weaknesses of your enemy, you must first know your own weaknesses. Yours appears to be being too trusting *Knees runt in chest*. Now, pay attention. It is very easy to be distracted by a long monologue, especially with how much Ardent like the sound of their own voices. This is time you should spend plotting and planning your next move, not worrying how nonsensical your opponent’s thoughts are.

The secret of our victory lies in these scrolls – our unique abilities used in service of the Emperor:


For the Emperor!

Champion: Bunoshi the Ruthless

Troops (Total Count)

4x Fertile Engorger
3x Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin
3x Disciple of Yazukan
4x Hop’hiro, Samurai
4x Nori (Minor Orb of Hatred)
3x Profane Ritualist
3x Warlock of Aettir
4x Shroomshaw

Actions  (Total Count)

3x Murder
3x Rot Cast

Artifacts/Constants (Total Count)

3x Wretched Brood

Resources (Total Count)

24x Blood Shard


Helm: Samurai Kabuto (Hop’hiro, Samurai)
Chest: Robes of Yazukan (Disciple of Yazukan)
Feet: Assassin’s Sneakers (Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin)
Trinket: Vial of Fecundity (Fertile Engorger)
Gloves: Kit Catchers (Fertile Engorger)
Weapon: Shogun’s Curved Dagger (Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin)

In battle, we must make many sacrifices in service of Emperor Ito. Think not of your forces as allies and recognize that losses to the cause are perfectly acceptable. Buff up other troops using Wretched Brood, Disciple of Yazukan, Shroomshaw, Killiblades from Fertile Engorger and anything with a decoy counter on as sacrifice fodder. Remember that a sacrificed Engorger or Hop’hiro retains  its counters and transformations, you can use this to your advantage.

Getting off successive Hop’hiro or Disciple hits will quickly get out of hand for your opponents — usually one hit with Hop’hiro after firing off something like Engorger will secure your victory. Consider shifting the Warlock’s power onto cards you want to force through such as Hop’hiro.

Trying to save on platinum?:

Consider these swap-outs:

Monsuun: Shamed Gladiator with Shoes of Disgrace, give it rage gem and change Nori to -1/-1 gem. Also swap weapon for Tenacious Katana (Nori)


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2 Comments on Battle Royal(e): For the Emperor!

  1. Love this, my favourite PvE deck, been running a similar one for a while. Pretty consistent 20-0 or 19-1 with the usual variance for terribad draws.

    Looks like your version is a bit faster, I rely a bit more on Ambushers for removal over actions. You can even sacrifice them and then put them back in with Call the Grave.


    4x Fertile Engorger (gloves + trinket)
    4x Hop’hiro, Samurai
    4x Minion of Yazukan
    4x Disciple of Yazukan (chest)
    4x Emperor’s Lackey (head)
    1x Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin
    4x Nori (feet + weapon)
    2x Profane Ritualist
    4x Wakizashi Ambusher

    4x Call the Grave
    1x Scroll of Yazukan
    4x Wretched Brood

    20x Blood Shard

    It’s biggest challenges are Malice Demon or that ruby/wild troll deck getting great starts. It can handle war bot with the right hand, just get Hop Hiro up asap and sacrifice everything else, he can single handed do it since warbot has no removal and Hiro is too small to register as a champ power target. Xarlox is fairly easy especially if you can get an engorger to pop, unless he can mill you out.

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