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Battle Royal(e): Diabolical Deeds 102; Stealing from the Future

Disclaimer: The information below is based solely on the test server. Anything below could change between now and launch. FiveShards is not responsible for any temporal paradoxes caused by the article below.

Greetings, underlords of the Underworld! Today’s discussion is on time travel, and the careful delicate balance you must make if you attempt to alter the time stream—for it is our responsibility to protect and maintain the timeline as the noble dwarv…*sniggers*. Sorry, I can’t keep that up.

No, I’m here to talk to you about stealing valuable (and hopefully dangerous) information from the future. As my old mentor used to tell me before he disappeared in that famous experiment with the exploding weaponized dolphins: why research today what you can steal from tomorrow? With that in mind, let’s see what I pulled from that rift we accidentally opened last week when trying to make the sharpest beard razor possible.

Format: Equip Name – Card Name – Slot – Rarity: Effect


Actor’s Cap – Periwinkle – Head – Legendary: Each of your cards named Periwinkle have [EXHAUST] look at the top five cards of your deck. Put a revealed card with cost 5 of greater into your hand. Put the remaining cards into your deck.

This is a conditional Oakhenge Ceremony every turn, but considering the combo potential with Periwinkle‘s effect this is insanely good card advantage. Not to mention how well it fits in with the 5-cost elf archetype in Set 3.

There are now a very decent amount of dinosaur cards and equipment, possibly opening up the potential of dinosaur tribal decks for PvE usage. The Savage Lord equipment is especially brutal:

Feed Handler’s GlovesSavage Lord – Gloves – Legendary: Your Savage Lords have: “Dinosaur troops you control have Crush, Lethal, Skyguard, Speed, and Steadfast.”

And this combos nicely with other dinosaur equipment such as Pack Raptor’s equipment:

Raptor BootsPack Raptor – Feet – Uncommon: Your Pack Raptors become quick troops.

(Making each Raptor into fast paced lethal removal on top of their other buffs, while the equipped Savage Lord is in play.)

The Calling BladePack Raptor – Weapon – Legendary: Your Pack Raptors instead have “When this enters play, create four pack raptors and put them into your deck. Then, reveal the top card of your deck. If the revealed card is a Pack Raptor put it into your hand.”

(Giving your Raptors some of Savage Lord’s additional ability)

Speaking of Raptors, we should lower our voices—I hear some got loose in the building again. The Dino-Defense Grid has been on the fritz lately…


Coyotle also have a strong presence with this new equipment, as well as in set 3 as a whole. I’m especially interested in Sight of the Sun‘s equipment:

Amulet of the Sun – Sight of the Sun – Trinket – Legendary: Each of your cards named Sight of the Sun have: “When you play a Coyotle for the first time this turn, ready this card.”

At first glance, this is pretty great. On second glance, you may notice that with the amount of exhaust and un-exhaust abilities Coyotle have, an infinite combo isn’t too far away with this trinket. This also combos great with Pact of Pain and its new equipment:

Barbed Cuirass – Pact of Pain – Chest – Legendary: Your Pact of Pains have:
“Discard a Pact of Pain. Lose 2 health. Draw 2 cards.
Discard a Pact of Life. Gain 5 health.”

…letting you keep drawing without interruption ’til you get what you need.

I knew a coyotle once, kept telling me today was tomorrow and tomorrow was yesterday. How a race with no idea how to make clocks got so far, I’ll never know.

 A tendril emerges from the rift in the corner of the room and snatches an underlord away

Oh, that’s my voidling pet, Terry. Be careful, he likes to play rough. Personally, I wouldn’t sit in that corner if I were you.


Lonely AxeSolitary Exile – Weapon – Uncommon: Your Solitary Exiles have: “At the start of your turn, you may put this into your hand.”

The ability to replay any card I want for 3 resources per turn or the ability to change its target? Yes, please.

Orb of HarmonyGenesis Pool Naiad – Trinket – Rare: Your Genesis Pool Naiads get: “When this attacks, put a random resource from your deck into your hand.”

This has a lot of benefits and puts it back on level with Wild Root Dancer + Feralroot Slippers. It thins your deck, doesn’t need to hit to trigger, smooths your resource curve and can be played as the “additional shard this turn” that Naiad can use. Could be very useful in a Wild/Ruby Periwinkle deck.

Speaking of Wild/Ruby, lets see something that fits perfectly into Stink Troll/Gas Troll crush decks:

Redshog’s Brutal HelmFeral Ogre – Head – Uncommon: Your Feral Ogres have: “[RUBY][RUBY]: +3[ATK]+3[DEF]”

Sure, it will probably be turn 4 earliest that you get this out but invaluable if you meet heavy removal and the deck makes it to late game. Combos great with Orb of Harmony (see above) too.

There are a lot of new in-hand effects added onto troops, but let’s see one that could be a decent replacement for the card itself:

Ozawa’s BiteOzawa, Cosmic Elder – Weapon – Legendary: Each of your Ozawa, Cosmic Elder have: “At the start of your turn, reveal Ozawa from your hand. Gain 2 health.”

Invaluable for lifegain decks, but what’s weird here is the wording. If it reveals to your opponent, will the AI react to it now? Or is this for a later PvPvE duel mode? Either way, this has amazing potential for cards like Incantation of Righteousness or Holy Ascension.

Speak of Lifegain, let’s hope Terry isn’t feeling too grumpy with that student in the rift there. Perhaps I should throw something in to help.

Picks up thermal rifle and tosses it in the rift. The rift flashes red and smoke appears from it.

Woops, left the safety off I guess. Now now, don’t get distracted by the lovely explosion in the corner, let’s move on.


Some cards have very interesting new potential that you wouldn’t usually associate with that theme.  Such as:

Robes of Dark RebirthCorrupt Harvester – Chest – Uncommon: Your Corrupt Harvesters have: “When this deals damage to an opposing champion, void target troop in an opposing graveyard. Gain 0/1 for each troop voided this way.”

This combos well with the expensive Blood legendaries that don’t get much use and resource sinks such as Pact of Pain and Living Totem. It also goes nicely with Life Siphon, slowly boosting the effect on it.

However, what comes up must come down it seems and from the test server comes one of the first large nerfs to PvE equipment:

Tinkerer’s Robe – War Machinist – Chest – Rare: Your War Machinists instead have: “When an artifact enters play under your control, this deals 1 damage to each opposing champion. Then, it deals 1 damage to target opposing troop.”

While probably still useable, that nerf and having to select many targets over the course of your games is going to be frustrating for anyone trying to speed clear with it from now on.


So, the fruits of my future information stealing has been displayed to you. Hopefully no paradoxes appear although… that alarm does seem a different color than I remember over there. Pretty sure it was pale green, not flashing red before I went into the future. I do hope that underlord comes back… he owes me a great deal of platinum.

Class dismissed, exit on your right.

Room shakes and ceiling starts to fall apart

NO, MY RIGHT.  You’ve set off the traps now, and it seems there’s only one escape pod in the room. Well, good luck, and I’ll see those of you that survive next lesson.

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