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Battle Royal(e): Classified

Somewhere, in an undisclosed location right inside the heart of orc territory, between the arena and Kranok’s house of steaks, located just off fifth avenue, right by the axe sharpener’s store…

Somewhere, in a disclosed location due to the idiocy of one of our agents…

Speak of this to no-one. As you are well aware, the Darkspire do not take kindly to tattle-tales. The human compound known as “Devonshire Keep” has been overrun with an undead infestation, and we need you to investigate before all traces of any evidence have been destroyed. Make sure not to be seen. We attempted to have the place looked at, before your arrival, by some scouts, but none of them returned.

*The door next to you opens*

Ah, my steaks have arrived. Thank you, strange, furred, mustache-holding, tiny server of steaks. I see you’re wearing a katana; smart move in these times.

*You are about to point out that is obviously a shinhare spy, when…*

Oh? You’re still here? Take these plans and leave at once – if you’re not out of the door by the time I count to 10, I’ll assume you a deserter and have you executed on the spot!

Fist of Gawaine

Race/Class: Orc/Mage

Troops (30)

2x Hunger of the Mountain God

3x Brood Creeper

3x Corrupt Harvester

4x Darkspire Priestess

3x Fang of the Mountain God

3x Shamed Gladiator [Rage Gem]

3x Throat Cutter

3x Darkspire Punisher

3x Paladin of the Necropolis

3x Bloodsoaked Brawler

Actions  (6)

2x Contract Killing

4x Blood Aura

Resources (24)

24x Blood Shard


Head: Lifetaker Hood

Trinket: The Spider’s Lure

Chest: Accursed Jerkin

Gloves: Bloodsoaked Knuckles

Feet: Boots of Bloody Tribute

Weapon: Darkspire Longblade


Unlock: Spell Sprites


Learn Spell: Telekinesis

Affinity: Mages


Open Mind

Mental Superiority

(In order of unlock)


The Deck:

Always bear in mind your talents. Mages give spellpower; You can often get 2x rage: 2 targets turn 3 if you’re doing well, but bear in mind, Telekinesis may be better at aggro as it allows you to get rid of potential blockers, at least temporarily and helps put your opponent a step behind you. Spells are quick actions. Soothsaying I’d only use if you get a card targeted with too many take 2 damage in the later encounters for this dungeon, but with Open Mind the first cast only costs 2 SP, so it’s very efficient.

You can bounce Spell Sprite with Telekinesis for a bonus draw, getting 2 SP back and 2 SP more if it’s your first Telekinesis cast.

Cards like Darkspire Priestess trigger SP gain, but this card can also fetch more for even more SP gain usually on death.

10 health is your sweet spot for activating Fang of the Mountain God, but taking damage in general is fine if you can either win before you hit 0 or lifedrain it back. A lot of your cards are boosted by this, or the advantages outweigh the health loss. As an orc mage with Spry, your 16 health gives you decent wiggle room to choose to activate these kinds of effects or ignore them.

The Dungeon:

First opponent: Burning Throng

  • Has a lot of low damage removal. Can use ignite to stack a lot of damage, but mostly ends up harmless, and with its low health, can sometimes be killed by turn 3. Watch out for its charge power – usually I tend to use Darkspire to chump block troops with it or Telekinesis the troop before the effect resolves. Note: you can use Telekinesis to save your own troops in event of removal also.

Second opponent: Mindpyre Wraith

  • Head away from the tower (if it triggers that is – winning the first game with burning collapses that option anyway.) Bear in mind what I said about Telekinesis saving troops and Soothsaying removing troops with heavy damage self stacks neatly. However, this can benefit a lot of your cards such as Fang and Hunger, which are pretty much unstoppable versus just damage based removal once lifedrain is on them for this dungeon. If it targets lifedrain troops, the damage buff occurs but the damage itself is negated by the lifedrain.

Third opponent: Sporeshambler

  • Head away from the dining table – the encounter isn’t hard but this pathway leads to two instead of one encounter. Sporeshambler should be very easy to defeat, given you can bounce troops at very annoying times for him or bounce his best plant troops that pop out etc. Mostly, you want him to get off his charge power as the Seed Pods usually mean you win before he can do anything, or buff past what he can handle. In the next option, choose the top option of “searching the room” or you’ll have to fight a pointless encounter.

Fourth opponent: Cloaked Figure

  • Head towards the fire. Considering this is a speed clear guide, I’m assuming you know this is Wiktor, and a downgraded version of the later fight by that.  All in all, this should be a decently easy fight if you can withstand any initial aggro. (Our cheap troops are useful here.) Mostly, I’d just say ignore toxins for this fight.

Fifth opponent: Inferno Elemental

  • A few things to note here. Prioritize lifedrain a whole lot more, expect Inferno Elemental to use its charge power as soon as it can. Darkspire Priestess triggers count towards his passive, so only use them with lifedrain + rage: 2 from frenzy. Hunger of the Mountain got gets extremely powerful here, but only if you have a way to power him up to 2/2 or higher first e.g. a troop out already – this would push it to a 3/2 on attack. healing it to a 3/3 at the end of the turn. Bounce Sweltering Zombie and the like ASAP, unless you have lifedrain on a troop you can attach rage: 2 to.

Boss Fight: Wiktor

  • Here we go! Don’t be afraid to use toxins, especially less dangerous ones like giving Wiktor back some health. Remove or Telekinesis Spitfire Elemental ASAP if you don’t have a decent way to exploit it – you can usually bounce it or another troop again right after. If you set up lifedrain here, you’ve pretty much won, but there are other ways to win. Bear in mind how his passives effect toxins and that you can use the same Soothsaying spell to remove them if they get too dangerous to keep. It may be worth using your free mulligan to fish for a Contract Killing or similar early removal, usually you should know what kind of hand can make you win outright and which ones are more risky to keep. Bear in mind you can Telekinesis troops just before Ruby Aura and other such enhancing effects are used for increased value out of your spells.

Finished! Now, grab your packs and feel free to repeat as much as you want. With a bit of practice, you should lose a life only once in a blue moon.


You return to find a shinhare with an eye-patch stroking a cat and glaring evily in a chair. Your “mentor” is tied up in the middle of the room. You sigh, as this happens every week.

Ah, the prodigal Darkspire returns. I’m afraid your mentor can’t see you right now; his schedule is a bit tied up right now.

The shinhare laughs and starts monologing. You throw a fireball at him, the cat yelping and jumping off in time, the shinhare making a neat ash pile on the floor. How did he think that was going to go?




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