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Battle Royal(e): Cardinal Conflagration

In a peaceful and tranquil garden deep in The Cloister, the monastery housing and sorting of hexing gems, Alwyn converses with an Elite Pyromancer erratically describing some sort of problem.

Alwyn turns and faces you.

Ah, the Human Knight I asked for. I was attending to Lord Alexander earlier when the poor fellow had such an awful head injury and he mentioned you would be the best person for a bout of undead vanquishing. However, he also made me contact… this… lovely…. intelligent… not at all insane… pyromancer. I am told he has more news on the incident. I’ll let him explain.

Alwyn backs off a few steps, thinks for a moment, then backs off a few steps more.

Knight, is it? Psch, can’t stand knights, bunch of smarmy self-important… well, might as well get on with it. You are to immolate a bunch of zombies at the tomb of the rose knights. I’d join you but I have better things to do with my time – like practice.

The Pyromancer picks up a rose and burns it, then starts launching fireballs while laughing at the rest of the garden.


The Pyromancer is taken away by monks, strangely peaceful after setting nearly the whole garden alight.

Alwyn speaks up again.

The irony is, this would have been a brilliant strategy against that giant plant monster infestation we had the last month.

Alwyn sighs.

The monks put out the fires and Alwyn starts to talk about the challenges you may face and begins to describe the quickest, cheap course of action.


Fist of Gawaine

Race/Class: Human/Warrior

Troops (31)

2x Daring Swordsman
3x Gem-Crazed Berserker (Flames)
2x Ruby Enchantress
3x Ruby Pyromancer
2x Sword Trainer
3x Arena Regular
3x Elite Pyromancer
2x Heroic Outlaw (Ferocity/Destruction)
2x Scraptech Brawler
3x Sly Huntress
3x Wounded War Hero
3x Pyroknight

Actions  (5)

2x Soul of Battle
3x Crackling Bolt

Resources (24)

24x Ruby Shard


Helm: Gladiator Helm
Trinket: Signet of the Sword
Chest: Emberguard Robe
Gloves: Foreststalker Gloves
Weapon: Old Reliable


Affinity: Warriors
Warrior: Agility
Training: Combat
Warlord: Parrying

Consider picking Fury (Talent) if you know what you’re doing. Sometimes you can get a quick shot off at your opponent before using your charge power for finishing.

The Deck:

Always, always bear in mind your talents. Warriors give charges; using charge power on the opposing champion gives all your troops +1/+1 and BOTH champions take 1 more damage from every combat source. This is especially important as a lot of these matches you’re going to want to get hit in exchange for clearing faster and it’s a tough balance to keep.

Arena Regular stacks massively with Affinity: Warrior, especially as your equipment triggers extra damage on champion power use (and yes, this stacks with several in play, making arena regular one of your first plays always – except in the final battle, where you’ll want to stack up your troops and not deal any damage until your final swing).

Inspire cards usually want to be played before cards that can attack well to win, but waiting too long can be dangerous or not helping your speed-clear goal.

Scraptech can be played as a free card if you have 3 resources, temporary or not, and then other troops played.

Daring Swordsman and Sly Huntress usually want to be left till last to finish the final swing. Sly Huntress is your strongest card, especially with your champion battle class-combo talent. Bear in mind both your human warrior and Berserking talent when deciding if you can attack with all to win. Soul of Battle should only be used if you KNOW you’ll win, remembering that double damage stacks to become 4x and you can stack it with the most inspired/highest attack card.

Acquaint yourself with all the equipment you possess before embarking, as it’s especially important for the last battle, which is the main difficulty in this dungeon – or a cakewalk if you do it right.

Quite a lot of the time you should use your free mulligan to get a chance at a Sly Huntress in hand. Much like Lord Alexander, you really need to charge in head first and not worry about your life total much if at all.

Costly Upgrade: Swap Pyroknight for Jags the Blademaster.

The Dungeon:

First opponent: Moxom

  • After charging the dungeon in the name of er… me, you’ll fight this necrotic. This boss has some removal that can stall you, but you should be able to outpace him, especially as their deck is more late game focused. With the low health this champion has, you can mostly go for a fully aggressive strategy and allow some hits through to clear quickly.

Second opponent: Raving Ghoul

  • From this part on, you’ll have a flask of holy water to use. It isn’t of much use if you’re speed-clearing and can be largely ignored, but, if you have nothing to play for turn 2 it might be worth using. The opponent start with 5 2/2 zombies in play that will be constantly exhausted until 20 of the dead humans in their crypt are feasted on. It’s worth noting that they MUST attack, and you usually want them to. Bear in mind that if you try to use your charge power on Leeching Burrower or the like, keywords will still apply.

Third opponent: Blight Magus

  • There is no point in fighting Thorn Knight for a speed clear (don’t enter altar room). Here you get a random (possibly useless) artifact and usage may vary vastly here. Usually, as with the holy water, only use them when you have nothing to play that turn. Again, a very late game focused opponent if you look at their charge power. If Raving Ghoul is played and gets too much of an issue you might want to battle it but again make sure this doesn’t mess with your later plans.

Fourth opponent: King Edmund

  • Here it is especially important to NOT block as the opponent can get phantoms that both damage and block your assault. When he gets 5 charges, you have to sacrifice a troop, so prepare for that if the battle is going slowly.

Boss Fight: Inferno Goliath

  • Boss time! Change your entire strategy. Stop attacking. Stop. Staaaaahp. Seriously, stop. You and your opponent will take 1-3 damage on goliath’s turn and you want to kill your opponent in one huge attack with all before he reaches 25 health. He will only transform on his turn. This means if you don’t attack you have 5-15 turns to prepare a swing that will do the full damage. Seeing as Goliath can take 1-3 damage on the start of his turn, you want to swing at 28 health or more. Bear in mind even if you can’t use the troop, Elite Pyromancer will go up in attack if it gets to inspire a troop. I’m not going to cover the second form, as if it gets to that you’re dead usually.

Finished! Now, grab your packs (And Ardor Day card/equip depending on when you’re reading this) and feel free to repeat as much as you want.


Alwyn meets you in front of The Cloister, with the Elite Pyromancer in chains next to him.

You succeeded? Excellent, we’ll make a paladin of you yet! Here, a gift worthy of a true hero!

Alwyn hands you a stuffed Boldheart plushie, complete with miniature crown. The Elite Pyromancer looks in shock and speaks up.

What? That’s a limited edition version! I need that to put next to my Dingler set! Give it to me or I’ll immolate all of you!

Alwyn smirks with a wiry smile, noting the magic blocking gauntlets on the Pyromancer.

Shouldn’t have set my rose garden on fire then, eh? Bet it burns eh? It sure must singe! I’m sure on fire today!

The Pyromancer foams at the mouth with rage, until he collapses, hitting the ground unconscious.




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