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Battle Royal(e): Budget Brigade

Somewhere, in a hidden mountain base for training the phoenix guard, with a budget vastly constrained by the mages guild setting on fire for the twentieth time this year, cost-cutting measures are being employed.

Right, so, new recruits: time to meet your secret weapon against the Underworld. These truly terrifying weapons of war may shock even the strongest of pyromancers among you, but try to control your astonishment. I’m not too pleased with having to take you all under our wing, but I’m sure once you see the power and responsibility that comes with the role you’ll all shape up. Now, behold our secret weapons!

The door next to you rumbles and a phoenix bursts in

Truly, an awe-inspiring sight. Now, due to budget constraints, we only have…. three.

*Looks down*

Really? Three? That isn’t going to… *Sigh* Well, we’ll have to make do. 20 Pyromancers to each bird, try to grip on hard and make sure not to accidently fireball those next to you. We strike at midnight!

Fight or Flight

Champion: Urgnock

Troops (28)

4x Ruby Pyromancer
4x Thunderbird
4x Elite Pyromancer
4x Royal Cutblood
4x Phoenix Guard Messenger
4x Deathmask Assailant
4x Ashwood Apprentice

Actions  (8)

4x Seeing Red
4x Arcane Focus

Resources (24)

13x Ruby Shard
11x Sapphire Shard


Head: none
Trinket: Grandaddy’s Compass
Chest: Emberguard Robe
Gloves: Conflagaration Gauntlets
Feet: Assailant’s Boots
Weapon: Flush Red Cutlass

General arena tips:

  • Always skip tier 1. This option is unlocked after beating the first tier perfectly.
  • If you’re having a bad time versus an opponent for some reason, just concede. Perfect runs are overrated usually in terms of gold gain, so instead I’d say if you’re taking way too long on a game consider conceding just to speed up.
  • Don’t go for an overkill—it just wastes time.

The deck:

  • Seeing Red should be used on unblockable or flight troops.
  • Ashwood Apprentice should mostly just be used as a finisher, so hold it back until then.
  • Deathmask should be shifted onto Pyromancers or Ashwood Apprentice, but not while they have troop trauma.
  • Pyromancers due to their equipment can stack insane amounts of attack, but don’t have the piercing abilities of the other troops.
  • Cutblood after Pyromancer can attack right away for massive amounts of damage.


Somehow, by the grace of Kismet, the Underworld forces are defeated and they return to base.

Congratulations! I didn’t think you could do it, but fantastic effort! And good news! Carloth has got back to us; your HQ is rebuilt and we even have enough money to celebrate with some cake!

The Pyromancers attempt to all dismount at the same time, causing massive chaos. Fireballs start flying everywhere.

What? No! You were doing so well!

The entire building sets on fire.

…Guess we’ll have to move in with the mages for now. *Sigh*

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