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Battle Royal(e): Armies of Myth and Legend

Through the shimmering fog, a myth is seen, their numbers unknown, their power unquestionable.

Ah, a letter from Alwyn. You are a Scholar of some renown, no? Good. We will need people of your caliber in the battles soon to come.

You seek the truth about what we face and how best to face it? I suppose you have earned that right. As King, I have access to certain… knowledge that must be known but kept secret if we are to be successful against the underworld.

Orcs… are not known for their subtle nature. However, not every battle the ardent alliance fights can be won through sheer numbers and not all battles can be as noble as the bards like to portray. Here, it is rumored, the Darkspire’s role lays. No-one has ever been able to prove their existence, but this could be due to them preferring to leave no witnesses.

If, perhaps, such beings were to exist, this is how I would use their skills:


Shadow and Flame

Champion: Bunoshi (although Zared Venomscorn can also work well to both remove opposing troops while killing your Darkspires.)

Troops (22)

4x Fertile Engorger

4x Phoenix Guard Messenger

4x Darkspire Priestess

4x Darkspire Punisher

4x Cerulean Mirror Knight

2x Darkspire Tyrant

Actions&Constants (15)

4x Arcane Focus

4x Replicator’s Gambit

3x Sapper’s Charge

4x Infernal Professor

Resources (23)

9x Blood Shard

10x Sapphire Shard

4x Shard of Cunning



Helm: Hood of the Darkspire (Darkspire Tyrant)

Chest: Accursed Jerkin (Darkspire Punisher)

Feet: Sapper’s Boots (Sapper’s Charge)

Trinket: Vial of Fecundity (Fertile Engorger)

Gloves: Kit Catchers (Fertile Engorger)

Weapon: Darkspire LongBlade (Darkspire Priestess)

Notes on buying:

Lots of cards with alternate art versions (AA) display the alternate art version first on the auction house (AH). Either set the art filter to regular art or set it to the specific rarity.

Strategies for tricky arena opponents:

War Bot: Attack and then sacrifice your own troops before your opponent hits 10 charges, don’t place too many out, don’t be afraid to block heavy stat robots with your darkspires and expendable troops. Phoenix Guard Messenger triggers even after War Bot’s charge power.

Xarlox: Get Darkspire troops out early, don’t be afraid of blocking large troops with Darkspires. Infernal Professor can pull Terrorantula Eggs, but the chance isn’t amazingly higher than regular draws. Try and stack Cerulean Mirror Knights.

Princess Cory: Focus on getting lots of troops out, bear in mind Cerulean Mirror Knight’s inspires will carry through on transform.

Trying to save on platinum?:

Consider these swap-outs:

Cerulean Mirror Knight: Mutate

Infernal Professor: Crackling Wit

Darkspire Tyrant: Mimic (although you lose a lot of damage and end-game potential on this one, and it is usually relatively cheap)


And again, if you mention this to anyone I’ll set the Darkspire on you. If they existed, I mean.


Now, back to a more pressing, worrying myth. It seems the Dwarves are planning an incursion underground and from what our spies can see this is a dangerous and formidable force, it would take quite the titanic effort to repel this, but I believe with adequate time to prepare we should make it through.

Here’s the blueprints we’ve recovered from the front lines:

Ingenious Incursion

Champion: Bertram CragRaven

Troops (24)

4x Gearsmith

4x Electroid

4x Construct Foreman

3x VB1331

4x Phoenix Guard Messenger

2x Construct Guard Underboss

3x Charge Bot

Actions&Constants (16)

4x Arcane Focus

3x Construction Plans: Hornet Bot

4x Construction Plans: Ingenuity Engine

3x Construction Plans: War Hulk

2x Crackling Wit

Resources (20)

6x Ruby Shard

8x Sapphire Shard

3x Starsphere

3x Crackling Vortex


Helm: Hulk Helm (Construction Plans: War Hulk)

Chest: Engineer’s Smock (Construct Foreman)

Feet: Prefabrication Boots (VB1331**)

Trinket: Eyes of Genius * (Construction Plans: Ingenuity Engine)

Gloves: Construction Gloves (VB1311**)

Weapon: Firebolt Crossbow (Construction Plans: Ingenuity Engine)

Notes on buying:

* Only available from doing all the starter trials from the Dwarf Starter Deck in the in-client store for 500p. Account-bound.

** Search for VB1 only if you are having trouble finding it on the AH.

Strategies for tricky arena opponents:

Xarlox: Blocking with Electroid+another troop can be an effective way of stopping Terrorantulas, but may leave the Electroid unable to attack or defend after.

Trying to save on platinum?:

Consider these swap-outs:

Electroid: Charge Bot


Myths can often be an insight into the truth and they hold a special power of their own when fighting your enemies. Tricking your opponent into thinking you will do one thing instead of another, or that you possess a weapon that you do not actually have can lower their defense or make them hesitant to be aggressive.

Consider what you know they can do, and what may be within their ability. But do not fall to the weaving of their own myths.

Speak to this of no-one, and if anyone asks, I wasn’t here.

Now, as for this letter you gave…

*Picks up letter, crumples it up, and starts eating it* What? Don’t act like you’ve never seen a King eat an important document. Urgh, pick up some better tasting parchment next time you see Alwyn.


…Well? Get going!

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