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Battle Royal(e): Armies of Moth

Somewhere in the frost arena, a petulant pet’s pet pest peturbs the peaceful permafrost. It, along with the alitteration in this description, is quickly getting out of hand. An Ardent recruiter stands before you.

You! You there! Right, help me with these containers of bug spray. Long story short, King Gabriel hired a roostasaur as a noble and that obviously terrible idea led to the roostasaur’s pet moth (giant, like the noble in question) assaulting the guards we had at the empty Frost Ring Arena. As such, the local ruffians have started marching their way towards the gate. We need to assemble the fastest force possible to break in there, stop the giant moth and hold the walls against outsiders until reinforcements get here. It will be a long and treacherous path there but the run there should keep us warm. Keep up and we might just succeed. Luckily, we’re not alone. can call forth our ancestral ghosts here at this nexus point—it’s a complicated process.


*The sound reverberates throughout the arena and some rather sleepy ghosts show up*

Right, now lets get to the plan, and quickly!:

Butterfly Effect

Champion: Gozzog

Troops (28)

4x Hunger of the Mountain God
 Orc Racial reward
4x Ardent Recruiter
 Usurper Dungeon reward
4x Ethereal Healer
 Mushroom Haus reward
4x Righteous Paladin
4x Paladin of the Necropolis
4x Bloodsoaked Brawler
4x Adamanthian Scrivener

Actions (8)

4x Blood Aura
4x Kiss of the Princess
 Sea Hag AZ1 Reward

Resources (24)

11x Blood Shard
11x Diamond Shard
2x Shard of Retribution


Helm: Lifetaker Hood
Trinket: Sigil of Grace
Chest: Ardent Chestplate
Gloves: Bloodsoaked Knuckles
Feet: Ethereal Coated Boots
Weapon: Hungering Battle Axe

General arena tips:

  • Ignore charge powers if you’re doing well—every second you waste targeting is too much!
  • Always skip tier 1. This option is unlocked after beating the first tier perfectly.
  • Remember, losing 3 lives means you still keep rewards. This shouldn’t happen with this deck but it’s worth noting.
  • If you’re having a bad time versus an opponent for some reason, just concede. Perfect runs are overrated usually in terms of gold gain, but this deck doesn’t really have this issue, so instead I’d say if you’re taking way too long on a game consider conceding just to speed up. Again though, rare with this deck.
  • Don’t go for an overkill—it just wastes time.

The deck:

  • Mulliganing has no impact on your Ethereal Healers. You can sometimes get away with 1 shard if you have some out or if you have recruiters you can play later. Mulliganing DOES affect kiss of the princess triggers.
  • The chances of getting at least 1 Ethereal Healer turn 0 is 80%, with chances to get more especially after swinging with your healers or other lifedrain troops.
  • Hunger of the Mountain God scales very quickly in stats, and you usually have health to burn in this regard. The equipment effect can be used even when the card is initially staggered (while it can’t attack).
  • Ardent Recruiter also scales massively, and can sometimes allow you to play your whole hand by turn 3—bear in mind it doesn’t work with Healer or Necropolis.
  • Righteous Paladin and Necropolis are usually best played after you already have Etheral Healers or other lifedrain troops out, but there are exceptions.
  • Blood Aura should only really be used when you have at least two troop targets with no lifedrain unless there’s nothing else you can play. It works amazingly with Bloodsoaked Brawler in particular, stacking with the unblockable effect they have.
  • Remember: Righteous Paladin taking damage will heal a ton, but your opponent will only usually attack when they have a combat trick with it so be careful. Usually best to just let this trigger when you attack.

The opponents:

Strangely enough, I don’t feel the need to cover this other than saying possibly hold some things back for the board wipers. This kind of deck is usually best ignoring what your opponent does, especially with the lack of removal for speed.


An Ardent recruiter, somehow looking far stronger for the fight approaches you.

The Moth is slain. Peace should be restored to this dangerous area, so long as our valor never waivers.

The shockwaves appear to have not stopped. In fact, they appear to be increasing in size and volume. The ice cracks and shatters below your feet, leaving you stumbling, trying to keep your balance as best you can.

But… how? We defeated that terrifying moth—what else could be causing such huge…

A giant roostasaur in a dining suit glares at you, foaming at the mouth with rage.


Uh oh… welp, I’ll leave you with your new friend. Let me know if you survive; I’m sure we can find some work for you in the Ardent alliance if you can.

The recruiter runs off, leaving you to fend off the anger of an enraged roostasaur.

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