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Battle Royal(e): A Brush with Destiny

Act I:

Deep underground, in the cave-in, center of incredibly stupid plans against the Ardent Alliance, nothing is happening. You see a lone robot sweeping the corner and let out a deep yawn. Suddenly, you notice the Broom Bot sweeping up your best dagger. You call out for it to stop.

>>Sweep sweep sweep sweep EVADE EVADE sweep sweep EVADE

The robot has run off with your dagger and appears to be heading in the direction of Fort Romor. You follow. A while later, you arrive to the ruins of a battle scene with a bucktooth commander standing in front of you.

You pesky runt! Late to the battle, eh? I’m not letting you off that easy. In fact, the rest of you, here’s your new commander, I’m off to comb my fur.

You’re about to protest but then see the ruby gem the broom bot swept up earlier on the floor. You pocket it and decide to look over your squad before going to save Mr. Stabby.

Clean Sweep

Class/Race: Warrior/Shin’hare. Assumed Level: 9

Troops (30)

2x Guru of the Wounded Petal
4x Keeper of the Wounded Petal
3x Cottontail Scout
3x Blossoming Concubunny
3x Battle Hardened Pa
3x Shin’hare Miltia
3x Howling Brave
3x Cottontail Ronin
4x Bucktooth Commander
2x Dream Stag

Actions (6)

3x Crackling Sprout
3x Oakhenge Ceremony

Resources (24)

24x Wild Shard


Helm: Flaring Kabuto
Trinket: Moon’airu Saya
Chest: Vest of the Ruminant
Gloves: Musky Leather Gloves
Feet: Militia Marchers
Weapon: Unflinching Breaker


Affinity: Warriors
Warlord: Agility
Training: Combat
Training: Deployment


Act II (as told from the broom bot’s perspective): >>Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep >>Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep


The Deck:

Always, always bear in mind your talents. Warriors give charges; unless you have a massive charge surplus, only use it as removal for enemy troops and use it frequently (with only 3 charges this is very easy) and remember BOTH champions take 1 more damage from every combat source. This is especially important as a lot of these cards may seem very low cost/atk initially but they essentially all have + 1 ATK (or more if trained)

Stay in tune with warriors for the extra buff, but don’t rigidly stick to playing those first.

Keeper of the Wounded Petal is a key card, especially with the search cards, cards that generate shin’hare in hand, and reinforcements as a warrior ability.

Cottontail Scout should always be played as tunneling, as it gains the equipment benefit and comes out in the same time that way.

Bucktooth Commander usually want to be left till last to finish the final swing. You have a lot of lower cost cards that can be played first. Howling Brave should be used when you don’t have lethal quickly and want to play more troops later (or use reinforcements) or if you really need a charge.

Most of the time you’ll be using crackling sprout not as a combat trick, to gain the charge earlier so you can remove an opposing troop before attacking.

If you’re finishing off your opponent, feel free to use your charge power for non-removal purposes if that’s all that’s required to win, it’s faster than attacking.

Don’t overkill. Work out quickly how much you need to kill your opponent by subtracting their health also by 1 for each troop you own 1 ATK or above (due to Berserking)

Remember to set your keybindings well using Esc>options and use them liberally. If you have a mouse with a lot of buttons, consider binding them to the extras.


The Dungeon:

First opponent: Commander Hawthorne

  • Head up twice. So long as you keep removing the troops he puts out, this fight should be over quickly. Unlike the card he represents, this should be a very easy fight. Be careful of Pride’s Fall if you buff something to 4 DEF or more, however. You don’t need to search the documents.

Second opponent: Rhonwen

  • Head Right. Howling Brave is more useful here but bear in mind also that your reinforcement ability and tunneling costs remain the same. Seeing as he tends to only use the power on even numbered turns, you should be able to plan ahead and win easily given his lowly 14 health.

Third opponent: Legionnaire of Gawaine

  • Head Right. Essentially a powered down version of the later Lord Alexander fight, you can usually allow yourself to get hit or remove his troops with no issue. At 5 charges if it drags out that long he can remove one of your troops usually and will target your best one with it.

Fourth opponent: Lord Benjamin

  • Head the only way you can. Choose Sniper Tower. Unless the opponent gets defense boosts on troops, use your charge power on the champion and the sniper tower on the troops instead. Really, with both removal options, I’d be surprised if your opponent can even hit you once. Seeing as you can’t move and the next battles are chained, feel free to do a handstand or something instead.

Fifth opponent: Lord Alexander

  • Choose Hellshot Catapult. Usually only use it when your opponent has two or more troops out. Use your charge power on the champion instead until it’s used up. Again, with double removal options you should be stop any troop, but I wouldn’t recommend locking even if something gets through.

Boss Fight: Lord Adam

  • Boss time! Unless he gets very lucky, this boss is usually never an issue for aggro. Most times I’ve never seem him get anything out, let alone keep it out. Castle Wall and his low aggro isn’t going to cause any issues. If he gets anything out and attacks with it, don’t bother removing it.



You see the Broom Bot, your one true nemesis throughout this whole adventure. You prepare for the greatest fight of your life. The tension is palpable.

>>Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep >>Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep >>Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep >>Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep

You then remember the Broom Bot has an off switch and retrieve your Katana.



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