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Attack of the Cloned Net Decks: S3 Diamond Cup

Welcome back everyone to Attack of the Cloned Net Decks! This article series reviews tournament results for major tournaments. If you would like more information on the series and what it is about, please check out the introductory article covering the recent Blood Cup. Usually JadiimJedi will be handling this series, but this month I am filling in to cover the season 3 Diamond Cup. This time around, players were required to construct a deck using cards and champions from only Armies of Myth.

During the Diamond Cup, we had a total of 105 players. However, we will be using the number 104 for the purpose of these calculations due to an ineligible deck. To my surprise, there was good diversity in the decks played:

ChampionDeck ArchtypesCount
Zorzym of KorruBS Spiders22
Patriarch OzinBS Spiders3
Mightsinger AlyndraRW Ramp8
mW Ramp2
DW Ramp1
CressidaRW Ramp4
UrgnockDR Aggro7
mR Aggro2
BR Aggro2
BenvolioDR Aggro1
Knightsbane OvoDR Shift6
DRW Ramp2
BD Midrange2
SagebrushmW Ramp1
Winter MoonSW Control / Midrange / Coyotle15
DSW Coyotle6
RSW Ramp1
Madame AnanaBD Phantoms (Sacrifice) / Midrange9
Concubunny YukamB Midrange6
Bryson MaplewoodDR Shift / Aggro4

Compared to the Diamond Cup in Season 2 (breakdown here) RW’s presence is greatly diminished. The reason for this is due to the new changes in champion starting health as well as having Titania’s Majesty banned this time around. Unsurprisingly, RW covered 30.99% of the deck lists in Season 2. However, with the nerf to Cressida’s starting health and the removal of Titania’s Majesty, we see RW covering only 11.54% of the decks.

This time around, both BS Spiders and SW Coyotle saw large amounts of play. There were surprisingly different variations of SW; some put a heavy emphasis on coyotle, while others played SW control decks fairly close to those that we see in the current standard meta.

We also see here that DR was a quite common choice, accounting for 17.3% of the decks. The idea is that aggro is usually very effective against an immature metagame. Since chapter constructed tournaments are usually one-off, players haven’t had much time to tune more complicated builds and aggro is well-poised to exploit this.

Now there is one deck in this list that has only one player, yet it managed to reach the top 8: DaethStaR’s DW Ramp. I had the privilege of playing against him in round 6 and the deck was no joke. Let’s look at DaethStaR’s list:

Champion: Mightsinger Alyndra
Troops (24)

4x Lithe Lyricist
3x Sylvan Performer
3x Ageless Troubadour
4x Merry Minstrels
2x Sky Dancer
3x Crocosaur
3x Rotroot Enchanter
2x Balthasar

Actions (13)

3x Smash to the Ground
4x Prides Fall
3x Purge
3x Dino Might

Resources (23)

10x Wild Shard
9x Diamond Shard
4x Feralroot Acorn

Reserves (15)

4x Sun Seer
4x Carnasaurus
4x Storm Drummer
3x Stinging Ambush

During our matches, the key card that won him the games was Purge. This card was such a destructive force in the meta, given the troop-heavy style and the lack of other board wipes. During this tournament, only 7 people ran Purge in their maindeck. Conversely, here were the most-played cards this tournament, by the number of decks they appeared in:

CardDeck CountPercentage
Exarch of the Egg4038.46%
Arcane Focus3836.54%
Eternal Sage3634.62%
Rot Cast3129.81%
Vampire Princess3028.85%
Phenteo the Brood Priest2826.92%
Incubation Webs2423.08%
Spiritbound Spy2120.19%
Soul of Battle2019.23%
Brood Baron1918.27%
Howling Plains Bluegrass1817.31%
Brown Fox Scout1716.35%
Flamehand Invoker1716.35%
Lithe Lyricist1716.35%
Indigo Dreamwalker1615.38%
Quash Ridge Tusker1615.38%
Deadeye Ripper1514.42%

Exarch of the Egg at the top is no big surprise; it’s a great defensive card and flourishes within the limits of Armies of Myth. He also does great against one of the big set 3 bogeymen: Crocosaur—a card that has dropped in favor since last cup. Crocosaur was in 34.50% of the decks in last season’s Diamond Cup, representing the most-used card in the tournament.

Let’s check out some of the other decks that were in top 8. The deck that won the tournament was BS Spiders; here’s the build that was run by Future. Another top-8 contender was Enyma, who had a similar deck with some minor modifications:

Champion: Zorzym of Korru
Troops (21)

2x Brood Baron
4x Exarch of the Egg
3x Eternal Sage
4x Phenteo the Brood Priest
4x Vampire Princess
1x Bastardspawn of Bokrug
3x Hatchery Cultivator

Actions (11)

4x Rot Cast
4x Arcane Focus
3x Cripple


Artifacts/Constants (4)

3x Fifth Book of D’harsis
1x Gront’s Gift (Subterfuge)

Resources (24)

11x Blood Shard
9x Sapphire Shard
4x Zin’Xith Silk

Reserves (15)

4x Vampiric Kiss
1x Gront’s Gift
3x Noxious Glory
3x Parriphagy
3x Suffocate
1x Arachnomancer

It is no wonder why this deck got to the top. The infamous Fifth Book and Phento combo was used to great effect during this tournament, and the deck is full of answers for the most prominent threats of the format. Exarch of the Egg and Rot Cast help prevent aggro. Eternal Sage’s and Blood and Sapphire-Shard–fueled triggers both support the deck’s MO: Sapphire is used to exhaust an opponent to keep a powerful troop locked down, while Blood helps to dump the opponent’s deck to the crypt in search of eggs. Vampire Princess is a thorn against action-heavy Winter Moon decks and helps tear removal away to protect the combat-averse Phenteo.

This next deck was run by Biz who placed second in the Diamond Cup:

Champion: Winter Moon
Troops (21)

4x Thunderfield Seer
2x Lithe Lyricist
2x Brown Fox Scout
2x Thunderfield Elder
1x Dreamsmoke Mystic
2x Indigo Dreamwalker
3x Crocosaur
1x Balthasar
2x Wrathwood Larch
2x Windsinger, Master of the Hunt

Actions (15)

4x Arcane Focus
2x Throwback
2x Lullaby
1x Cripple
2x Rites of the Tranquil Dream
2x Epiphany
2x Suffocate

Artifacts/Constants (2)

2x Resource Optimizing Infusion Device

Resources (22)

10x Sapphire Shard
8x Wild Shard
4x Howling Plains Bluegrass

Reserves (15)

2x Arcane Zephyr
3x Vine Lash
3x Carnasaurus
1x Lullaby
2x Scorn of Oberon
2x Suffocate
1x Crocosaur
1x Purge

This was a SW midrange deck with lots of utility. Indigo Dreamerwalker is one of the more surprising cards, but it plays a major role: Dreamwalker’s strong defense helps prevent cards such as Vampire Princess from getting through. With Winter Moon’s recycle ability, longer matches make it more and more difficult to keep the deck down; therefore, much of the deck is designed around stalling out until card advantage becomes too great to overcome.

We can see that he placed a couple of Lullaby in the deck to have answers to aggro other than Crocosaur. Brown Fox Scout is also a great gap-closer that almost serves as targeted removal when the opponent sees what appears to be an empty board. Another final note for the deck is that it has a very flexible option for reserves.

Next we will look at Diamond/Ruby. There were two decks that made it in the top 8 that were quite aggressive: these decks were run by ValueCity and Eaglov. We will be looking at ValueCity’s deck below:

Champion: Bryson Maplewood
Troops (28)

4x Spirit bound Spy
4x Valiant Escort
3x Deadeye Ripper
4x Quash Ridge Tusker
2x Deathmask Assailant
3x Flamehand Invoker
4x Highlands Blackbelt
4x Deepgaze Champion

Actions (6)

4x Iljun’s Parade (Destruction)
2x Soul of Battle
2x Pride’s Fall
2x Martyr

Resources (22)

10x Diamond Shard
9x Ruby Shard
3x Sepulchra Crypt Dust

Reserves (15)

2x Eternal Sage
2x Staggering Blast
2x Prides Fall
2x Martryr
3x Deathless Guardian
2x Stinging Ambush
2x Scorch

As I mentioned earlier, we saw a strong presence for DR Aggro this tournament. The interactions between Quash Ridge Tusker, Deathmask Assailant, and Flamehand Invoker make this a very dangerous and quick deck to play against. Highlands Blackbelt is one of the cards that I expected to see more of due to the options that it opens up for the aggro player; getting both a troop and flexible removal out of one card is a great boon for aggro decks. Then you have cards such as Iljun’s Parade with the direct damage gem or Soul of Battle which can be used as a finisher.

Piecetinker is new to the competitive scene of TCGs. Despite this, he placed Top 8 in both the HexTCGPro July and Invitational tournaments. Primarily focusing in Constructed play, Piecetinker will continue to learn and improve his skills. You can find his Twitter here.

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  2. The decklist is correct, but the numbers associated under each category are wrong. Thank you for catching that!

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