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Armies of Myth Deck Tech: Blood Sapphire oMILLet


Howdy Hexers!

Today we take a look at a possible Armies of Myth deck archetype! Watch and see if you develop arachnophobia!


Thanks for watching! Below is the full deck list with links to the Armies of Myth cards. Soon as the test server opens up we can do some live testing of the deck and see if we can make oMILLets out of our opponent!

Deck Name: D/S oMILLet

Champion: Patriarch Ozin

Resources (24)

8x Blood Shard
8x Sapphire Shard
4x Shard of Cunning
4x Zin’xith Silk

 Actions (18)

4x Parriphagy
4x Suffocate
2x Incubation Webs
4x Chronic Madness
4x Verdict of the Ancient Kings

Troops ( 18 )

3x Phenteo the Brood Priest
4x RuneWeb Infiltrator
4x Exarch of the Egg
3x Hatchery Cultivator
4x Xentoth’s Inquisitor

 If you have comments or suggestions for Reserves for this deck leave a comment below.



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