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Announcing the FiveShards Shard Cup Series! The Blood Cup Cometh December 20th-21st

Clear your calendars for December 13th and 14th December 20th and 21st as will be hosting the first in the Shard Cup series of monthly tournaments: The Blood Cup.

This will be the first community-run constructed tournament featuring Set 2 and will be run Swiss-style with a top 8 cut for the single-elimination finals.

We are in the process of determining prizes but already have ample community support. In addition to prizes, players will earn points towards entry to an end-of-season, exclusive tournament.

Register here at the Challonge page. Confirmation begins at 8:00am PST (You must pre-register) and the tournament starts at 9:00am PST. If you do not confirm your registration prior to the tournament beginning, the tournament will drop you. 

The top 8 will begin promptly at 10:00am PST on Sunday, December 21st.


Also, since this is a free tournament, we are looking for additional benefactors who wish to support the series. If you are interested, you can either email us at or you can send us in-game items directly to “FiveShards” in Hex.*



1st: 36 Set 2 Packs, 12 Set 1 Packs, Hex posters w/ Sleeve Codes (Sent by SirGrum)
2nd: 24 Set 2 Packs, 8 Set 1 Packs
3rd-4th: 12 Set 2 Packs, 4 Set 1 Pack
5th-8th: 6 Set 2 Packs, 2 Set 1 Pack
9th: 5 Set 2 Packs, 1 Set 1 Pack
10th-16th: 3 Set 2 Packs, 1 set 1 Pack
17th-32nd:  1 Set 2 Pack, 1 Set 1 Pack


Door Prizes:

1x Primal Pack (Set 1)
1x Primal Pack (Set 1)
1x Primal Pack (Set 1)
1x Primal Pack (Set 1)
1x Vampire King
1x Uruunaz

We will be giving the door prizes at the conclusion of Round 2/beginning of Round 3.  Players must have played both rounds to be eligible for door prizes.



Relevant Rules

  1. We will stream the tournament from We will cast all pairings, coverage, and rulings on this channel. Players should have it open/accessible to hear updated news. If you are casting the game, we highly recommend you use a card blocker to enable us to do feature match coverage.
  2. We allow reserves.
  3. Given that we allow a 15-card reserve, we require decklists of all participants. Decklists must include the Champion, the 60+ card deck, the 15-card reserve, and any gems used in the initial deck configuration. All participants must email their decklist to us by 8:00am PST on the morning of the tournament. We will post the full set of decklists after the final round completes and also highlight the top 8 decklists.
  4. Confirmation begins at 8:00am PST (You must pre-register) and the tournament starts at 9:00am PST. We will drop those who do not confirm their registration in the 1 hour window.
  5. You may change gems during reserves/sideboarding, but not in-between matches.
  6. End of time procedure: Since we cannot run best of three matches through the client presently, it is possible that, after 60 minutes, some matches will not be completed. When time is over, the current turn will finish and the players will play five more turns.  If neither player has won two games at this point and neither player has more wins, then the match is a draw.  If, after 5 turns, the match is 1-0, then the player with one win wins the match.
  7. Banned card policy: We will announce a preliminary ban list Monday and we will have a final list of bans confirmed on Friday to allow for any fixing (or breaking) of cards in the latest patch. We understand that this can make some deck decisions uncertain, but we want a tournament with the largest pool of cards possible.
  8. Any player caught cheating or attempting to cheat will be dealt with at the discretion of tournament organizers, including but not limited to disqualification, banning from future events, and withholding prizes.
  9. Feature Match Policy: If you are playing in the Blood Cup and are streaming, we take that as consent that you are willing to allow us to use your stream as a feature match on the main channel (  If, however, you would not like us to do this, please let us know as soon as possible and we will not host your stream.


*We are considering whether to have buy-ins in for future Shard Cups to make the tournaments self-sustaining.  If you have any thoughts on this, please let us know.

Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

6 Comments on Announcing the FiveShards Shard Cup Series! The Blood Cup Cometh December 20th-21st

  1. How exactly can we confirm the registration? Contact you guys through the chat during the 8-9am of the first day? Hope that we can get more clarification thanks!

  2. Does this event run all day saturday, or how many rounds of play are there on Day 1? I may be able to participate depending on the time committment, as I have obligations that evening.

    • Hi Nate,

      The length of the tournament depends on a few factors. We run the swiss pairings on Saturday and the top 8 on Sunday. On Saturday, the Swiss pairings will usually go for 7 rounds, but if turnout gets that much larger, we may have to do 8 rounds. Each round is an hour long with no real breaks in between, so it will take about 8 hours, though probably faster for any round that does not fully go to time.

      Of note, you can also drop out of a tournament at any point as well. To be eligible for the current door prizes, you only have to play through two rounds before you drop. Several people do drop early if they are not happy with their score.

      So, if you plan on playing every round, expect 7-8 hours.

  3. Are you all aware of the current major bug with cards which get inserted into decks causing random cards in the deck to disappear? Relevant bug forum topic with multiple confirmations here:

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