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A Huge Day in Entrathian History (21st TL;DR)

Hello everyone! As you’ve probably heard, a lot of huge things happened today… In fact, a few people might be thinking that it was TOO MUCH news and hype all at once, and might have missed some of the major points today. So here’s a quick recap!


1st) A Scars of War release date has been confirmed. The 28th of February. This set will add 275+ New cards to the game, will change the draft and sealed formats to 6-6-5 and 6-6-6-6-5-5 respectively, and change evolving sealed to 6-5. Brand new formats! If you’ve missed the spoilers that have been dropping the last few days, make sure to check out our spoiler page!

2nd) Hex will no longer be published by Gameforge, and will now be a self-published game.  This news is a little bit bewildering for a lot of us who don’t spend a lot of time in the gaming industry, but the important things to know are…
The core elements of Hex will not be changing. The game will largely remain the way you know and love it.
A certain amount of freedom opens up from what HexEnt wants to do with the game and is able to put into motion, no longer needing to go through additional steps to put content or ideas out the front door.
Cory Jones, and the people in charge of Hex’s future will remain in charge of it. No developmental values are being obstructed here.

And there you have it. Tonight a patch will go through that moves a lot of the back-end, and as a result the mail system will lose a few pieces of information, but fear not! No attachments will be lost. It’s suggested the body text and ‘to’ and ‘from’ parts of the mails will be gone by the time we log in, but that’s a small price ot pay.
There are a few other minor changes that most players likely won’t notice, and there will be new billing arrangements.

3rd)  The Hex CLASH was announced.  This is a WEEKLY sealed tournament that will have $1000 worth of cash prizes, and some really awesome in game rewards.

4th) There will be new cosmetic purchases in the game. Battle boards that affect what game board you play on, and notably there is going to be a special battle board that can be won by participating / doing well in the Hex Clash!

5th) The store will get a few new items, like a special “Collector’s Deck” that includes an Animated Alternate Art card. (Sunsoul Phoenix), the alternate art cards Lanupaw’s Sight and Thunderfield Elder, and special animated sleeves. (Without the Hex logo on them!)

6th) There will be additional gold sink items in the store, purchasable Kismet’s Reserve packs which will rewards you with one item from a specially themed bundle that is supposed to rotate from time to time. The first theme will be Silvertalon cards! A mercenary, sleeve, PvE cards and equipment, and an AA PvP card (Silver Talon Adjudicator).

7th) Finally, there was a Q&A with Cory Jones on the Hextcg twitch page that lasted just under an hour and a half. The VoD can be found –Here-. This mostly covers the news above, a few of the design decisions that have changed over time, and a few random questions. We’ll be trying to put up a write-up tomorrow, but if one exists on Reddit or the Forums, please let us know! Also, NSFW Warning. Cory drops a few swears, as is tradition.


This is all really exciting news! Even if a particular  piece of it doesn’t appeal to you, the entire blast of news has been overwhelmingly positive and looks to be a tremendous step forwards for the game.   I look forwards to seeing you all next week during Scars of War!

Comment below your feelings on the big news day, what you’re most excited about, and what you’re planning to do day 1 for Scars of War.

Stay Lucky, Hexxers.

Nikolas Podrasky (Pentachills) can often be found streaming limited and constructed play on Twitch. Not afraid to experiment with less popular cards, his stream offers both an educational and entertaining entry into Hex. Find him on twitter as @Pentachills, or on Twitch at

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