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100k Deck Tech with Deck – Cyriius

DeckOfManyThings here again, and Cyriius was kind enough to stop by between rounds 3 and 4 when he was 3-0 in the 100K tournament to talk about his spicy spider deck. He ended up going 4-0 on the day with a deck that not a lot of competitors were even expecting to see, much less go undefeated.

First up, the deck:


Champion: Zorzym of Korru

Troops (18)

3 Exarch of the Egg
4 Phenteo the Brood Priest
4 Azurefate Sorceress
2 Xentoth’s Inquisitor
3 Reese the Crustcrawler
1 Xartaxis, Bishop of the Azure Fang
1 Brood Baron

Actions  (18)

4 Arcane Focus
1 Time Ripple
3 Kill
3 Countermagic
3 Inquisition
3 Extinction
1 Rise Again

Resources (24)

9 Blood Shard
7 Sapphire Shard
4 Shard of Cunning
4 Zin’Xith Silk

Reserves (15)

4 Vampire Princess
3 Vampiric Kiss
1 Rise Again
2 Withering Touch
2 The Ancestors’ Chosen
2 Rot Cast
1 Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin

Cyriius sat down with me and we had a look over his deck and was kind enough to answer my questions about his deck.

His decision to play the deck was a response to the current meta game. He saw it as a deck that was good against Mono Sapphire and Mono Blood, and feels it gets good value against Wild Sapphire and has some positive value against Wild Diamond in the format, which were all decks he expected he might see.

He built the deck with the intention of getting an edge over the control meta, which seems to have been the right call in the 100k where no Benvolio or Cressida was to be found. He wants games to go long where he has a chance to just outright win the game through spidering his opponent to death, something we saw on more than one occasion this weekend.

One matchup he didn’t want to face was against the Tetzot deck, but his early wins kept him from facing the dreaded matchup on day 1. We’ll have to see how day 2 shakes out tomorrow to see if the matchup comes to be or if one or the other players don’t make it past the draft portion.

Cyriius tested against everything in the meta, all the most played decks. Every version of Wild Sapphire, Mono Blood, and Blood Diamond imaginable and figured out that Blood was one of the best shards to play, but wanted to put a good shard around it as well, so Sapphire (and thus the spider archetype) became his weapon of choice.

Cyriuss was one of the players who correctly predicted there would be no aggro in the format, mostly because he was the player that others were predicting would be playing aggro if anyone was. This call turned out aces for Cyriius as many reserves packed anti-aggro tech that now lay fallow like Carnasaurus and Cluckadon.

Finally, I asked him about his reserves, and what his key cards there were. He mentioned that the second Rise Again was a key card in the Banks matchup, stealing away high-value Rutherford Banks targets before he can use his Champion power.

With this deck doing so well in day one, I for one am expecting to see a lot more spider decks in gauntlet for the next few weeks as the meta will surly sit up and take notice of hatching Terrorantula eggs.

Matt Miller, known as DeckOfManyThings in-game, is a professional MMO designer by day, and a Hex Kickstarter backer by night. He's been playing TCG's since being taught by Peter Adkinson how to play Magic: the Gathering with Alpha cards, and is now devoting a lion's share of his free time to playing and improving his skills at Hex. Find him at @ManyThingsDeck on twitter or /u/ManyThingsDeck on reddit.

1 Comment on 100k Deck Tech with Deck – Cyriius

  1. I gues I can give some additional insights and some comments about the changes to my list:

    Replacing arachnophobia with inquisitions is very minor I would say. It’s not as if one would straight out be better. Inquisition works better with the curve of course. It’s defenitely not a bad decision. I play inquisitions in the sideboard and he plays withering touch in the sb. So he plays the other selection of discard spells.
    The one of time ripple instead of a 4th kill is also ok I gues (leaving up 2 open instead of 3). It seems maybe a little bit random. Its also very minor. There are games you win because of it is a time ripple and not a kill and there are games where it is the other way around. Since spiders is so late game I personaly still would prefer the kill.
    He cut one counter magic, one exarch and one xarthaxis as well and plays the 4th azurefate, a 3rd reese and the one of rise again. I would not cut the 4th counter magic since the nature of the deck is so late game. The cut of exarch is fine (altough it is good against d/w). Rise again works against banks but against other decks it is probably weaker (or at least more unreliable) than the 2nd xarthaxis. Since d/w is already a good matchup I am not sure if I would adopt the rise again. The additional reese is fine (I switch between 3 and 2 quite often). The additional azurefate is not realy necessary imo. The combo out is one way to win but its not the only way to win. Once you have created terrantulas you are almost always favoured either way. Forgot to mention he cut the one of monsuun in the main. I like the one of monsuun. It messes up their head (cause they always think its reese). Monsuun also works great with spiderlings and playing extinctions. Also Monsuun works well with the different “enters the play”-abilities.

    Regarding the sidebaord: He cut the 4th extinction (which I dont like at all since its so good against d/w and some other matchups) and plays 2 more vampiric kisses. The kisses are good against azurecannon and ruby aggro (including benvolio).If you expect to see those decks a lot you play more of them. I have to say though that mono ruby is still a very bad matchup. Azurecannon is kind of 50/50 I would say. The other matchup thats around 50/50 is b/d. The other matchups in the field are positive for spiders imo. Instead of the 2 kisses I run 2 additional inquisitors in the sb (so good against vampires). The change of discard spells and the one of rise again I already mentioned. Rest of the sideboard is the same.

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